Gaming Target: Devil May Cry 4 Review

With Devil May Cry 4's recent addition to the PS3 Greatest Hits line, Gaming Target reviews Capcom's fourth game to feature white-haired demon hunters.

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lociefer3482d ago

talk about being late to the party

WildArmed3482d ago

The game is amazing!
10/10 4 me :D

(im easily pleased ^^)

theEnemy3482d ago

a year an a half late


interrergator3482d ago

uhhhhhh beat it good game haha lol pretty late review

Ldubbz3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

I just bought this game a few weeks ago during that $10 BB sale. Its still unopened....think I'll get started.

And I bought it on 360, so I guess I'll have to make that sandwich another

Graphics3482d ago

I still think its #2 in best graphics so far this gen, behind MGS4, DMC4 graphics look better than CG to me..

Gue13482d ago

what's the point in submitting and approving this?

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