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Microsoft may not have as many first part developers as Sony but they have held their gaming cards close to their chest, meaning that reveals have been saved up for E3.

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DevastationEve3486d ago

it's pretty close now, so there's no reason to keep posting predictions like this. but i agree with most of them.

i'm really interested in the zune HD though. the whole HD thing is great, but xbla games on it would be a knockout.

if it had buttons, lol. a touchscreen version of geometry wars would be awesome.

doctorstrange3486d ago

Glad you liked the predictions, they took a pretty long time due to their length.
Yeah the Zune HD is definitely one to watch, if XBLA games where on it that would be awesome.

XxSpiiKeZxX3485d ago

the Zune HD doesnt render HD resolution
the "HD" in Zune HD is for the hd radio and the output to the tv
otherwise its just regular

beans3485d ago

Don't forget community games, HD TV connectivity, and MS finally bringing to life Live Anywhere is another possibility. 65%

Game13a13y3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

meh, not impressed. unless they got something big hidding, like a 360 Metal Gear or sth like that calibur, otherwise, its all Sony this year.

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jesterlives3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Predictions should side on the wild and Biblical even. For example I could say that Microsft purchases Ubisoft leaving Sony out in the cold, but Wii and DS software is still made under the Ubisoft label.

edit..This would also be epic if Sony or Nintendo bought out Ubisoft

vmanj3485d ago

if MS showz Zune and a few other gamez from Rare and Lionhead on top of the current onez i think they r fairly set!!!Zune would definitely go head-to-head against the psp go...

PotNoodle3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

This is what i don't get about N4G.. why is things like this getting contributed and approved?

It isn't news, it is just someones opinion. I listed up my predictions and hopes for nintendo, microsoft and sony on my blog ( ) but did i submit it to N4G? No, because i know it isn't news and isn't good contribution to n4g at all.

doctorstrange3485d ago

The difference is, that I wrote, if I may say so myself, a long and detailed article for a website that actually does journalism, (interviewed several developers), and created a rather in depth look at each console giant.
Whereas your link is broken.

PotNoodle3485d ago

Fixed now.

I wasn't attacking you or trying to be horrible or anything, i'm just not sure why things like this is considered news by n4g contributers.

doctorstrange3485d ago

But if you look at the temp of this article and the comments people certainly are finding a use for it. My point is that even if you look at Kotaku or PSLS they haven't gone into as much detail as I have or weighed in on the likelihood.

btw nice blog

clinker3485d ago

I agree with deathrow. The submitted site is terrible and we shouldn't encourage idiots to submit their crappy blogs to N4G. There are already 50 sites just like this one.

thetotallyawesomegamingsite.n et

where does it stop?

doctorstrange3485d ago

I would prefer if you gave constructive feedback, as I have already explained what differentiates my site, with actual interviews, scoops etc.

Phatal3485d ago

Well deathrow to tell you the truth I enjoyed the article, and had totally forgotten about Rare, anyway I loved the Capybara interview.

Teddybee3485d ago

I like the article, readers don't have to read stuff if they dont want to, relax a bit.

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bigjclassic3485d ago

ZuneHD if it is a reality, and the new 3D motion camera from MS.
Finally some Alan Wake 360 in game footage *crosses fingers*
Mass Effect 2 awesomeness
and maybe 720??

who knows.

doctorstrange3485d ago

The ZuneHD is definitely a reality (it was announced
Alan Wake will definitely be there, I just hope they don't use PC footage
Mass Effect will be at E3 but maybe not MS conference.
720? Now that would be a surprise, who knows, I just can't wait.

PotNoodle3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

The next xbox will be next year or the year after.. it'll of been on the market for 5 years next year, which is the usual time a console is out for before a company brings out a new one.

Microsoft may take on sony's ways though, bring a new console out after 5 or 6 years, but continue to sell the old console for another 4 - 5 years.

doctorstrange3485d ago

There is pretty much no chance of a new Xbox, but you never know...

Phatal3485d ago

I thought they were releasing a XBOX portable just like the PSP.

doctorstrange3485d ago

Almost, the Zune HD will have great connectivity with XBL, so I suppose it could be seen as the closest thing to an Xbox Portable

GiantEnemyCrab3485d ago

Phatal: No there making some iTouch clone. Nothing on the level of PSP all it will be is a over glorified MP3 player that will be able to play a few Xbox Live arcade games. Something Apple has been doing for years. Of course it'll be based on MS space bucks and have draconian DRM that will make it nothing but a pain to use.

That's my positive take on it lol

really duh3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Thats not what he's talking about there are rumors of a handheld console. He's not talking about Zune dude Jesus I'v been reading your comments and they seem like angry hate comments. Its almost like you're trying so hard to show that you're a gamers you are not thinking things though just so you can sound non bias.

DevastationEve3485d ago

...i stayed true to what i always believed, and that's that microsoft made leaps and bounds with x360. it hasn't let me down yet. is this new persona because you've felt let down? i don't need the answer but if so i'm sorry for you.

anyway, at the guy way above (the whole zune not being hd thing), the screen isn't hd, the actual codecs in use WILL decode 720p streams and send them through the hdmi in hd. playback on the player itself is downscaled to the screen's resolution.

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