GP Interview: Miyamoto: I was worried about US Wii launch

In an exclusive interview, Shigeru Miyamoto, director and general manager of Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Design, shares his thoughts about the Wii generation so far.

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neogeo4275d ago

Sure Nintendo is kicking tail. For some reason I don't get so thrilled anymore:( I want that feeling back! I'm just jaded to 480p. I need to think that Mario galaxy will have the best graphics on any game ever. I;m sure it will be a great game, but how many WOW's will it have that I have never seen before? Mario 64 made me say WOW! this is the best looking game I have ever seen. Even Mario sunshine looked better then almost every game on every system out at the time. So I wonder what Nintendo will do to wow me next, because swinging around a controller all over the room had me say...oh....

commadore654275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

personally I think that many people will go 'wow' when it is released. Mario 64 lasts not because it is some graphical masterpiece it soon got out done by other games on the 64 (as it was a launch title) and pales by todays standards.

But I bet that most people who enjoyed it could go back to it now and enjoy it again. Reason it lasts is the amount of control you have.

The player has loads of control over mario in that game, and i think that is what will 'wow' people in galaxy as well as new ideas which you haven't seen before.

Personally I think that super paper mario will probably impress.

As for the interview I agree, it was very plain.