Gran Turismo Mobile Confirmed for E3 2009

Leaked PSP Go video confirms that Gran Turismo Mobile will be announced at E3 2009.

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cryymoar3483d ago

Took the words tight out of my mouth!
this title was one of the ones that made me even buy a PSP, but it never came out :(
i'm definetly gona pick up a PSP Go! now!

Sunny_D3483d ago

GT5 and GT mobile coming to an E3 2009 near you!

PirateThom3483d ago

Maybe that's why GT5 is taking so long and they're going to have some kind of cross platform play features...

I can dream.

TheExecutive3483d ago

Not only that but at the end of the Qore episode he said it was uploaded and running on that chicks psp go!.

Fall 2009 confirmed?

OmarJA3483d ago

Looks like Sony got both of their amazing platforms covered with the best games this year unlike the rest.

Blaze9293483d ago

Sony said it themselves that "Polyphony is currently focusing all its resources on developing GT5 for PS3."


Unless they seperated some team members to work on the PSP game, I doubt we'll be seeing this game until after GT5. Dunno

callahan093483d ago

Blaze, that link you provided is nearly a year and a half old. Not really relevant today.

Blaze9293483d ago

Yeah I know that but I figured the same still applied today where, since GT5 is not done yet and no where near done, all of Polyphony's resources were still being put into GT5 priority.

UltimateIdiot9113482d ago

I believe there was plans. I don't remember but wasn't there suppose to be a feature where you use the PSP to view as a rear view mirror.

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-x.Red.x-3483d ago

i CAN'T WAIT BUT WHY Sony would leak this :(

TOO PAWNED3483d ago

That is my question also...i am not buying that it is a leak...makes no sense.
Either they have more stuff so they pretend to leak (just look at what buzz this leak is causing around internet, from gaming sites, twitter, etc) or they have so much stuff that they let some things leak out before time..

ThePioneer3483d ago

Who said they wanted anything leaked? People - and large corporations - make mistakes. Of course, those of us who even know about this news are a small subset of their customer base - E3 announcements will still be a big surprise for a majority of their customers.

arsenal553483d ago

Yeah i dont know why sony would do this. it feels like i looekd in my parents closet to find a christmas present hahahaha.

oh well. i think ill keep my old psp now that i hear gran turismo is coming :)

siberiantiger283483d ago

yeah pretty much confirms the whole PS3/PSP Metal Gear game, I,m sure he used the word concept as well. Maybe its something Sony will pushing more know, as in PS3/PSP cross over games.

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The story is too old to be commented.