Video games firms preparing for boom in 3D

Cinema is already experiencing its own three-dimensional (3D) revival, with audiences turning out in droves to watch animations including Monsters vs Aliens, Coraline and Pixar's forthcoming Up. Now games companies think they could be on the verge of bringing real 3D into the living room.

At the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this year, Sony was giving demonstrations of a system it hopes will encourage the take-up of true 3D gaming. And Blitz Games, the British makers of Invincible Tiger, was previewing the title as a way to introduce its new product - a suite of developer tools for making true 3D games.

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Shnazzyone3483d ago

i'm going to be pissed the day i can't play a video game session because i can't find my super special glasses.

micro_invader3483d ago

I'm pretty sure about a year ago they were testing 3D Tv's that didn't require any glasses. Just search around a bit, I'm sure you'll find articles about it.

But yeah, it would be annoying. Worse than losing the remote control :p

Trevorthenerd3483d ago

I hate 3D It neaver really works with me since I wear glasses

ChickeyCantor3483d ago

Then point out to these hardware developers that they should keep in mind that there are people who have glasses, and should make a modified one?

I mean why not?

ChickeyCantor3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

Le double post

Seferoth753483d ago

Chances are once 3D hits Mainstream no glasses will be required. I mean the new TVs coming out do it without glasses.

SpoonyRedMage3483d ago

The problem with 3D is that it's mostly used in a gimmicky way. Looka t 3d films, pretty much the 3D is only when something reaches towards the screen and they shoehorn a scene like that into the films.

hitthegspot3483d ago

That's true for the old school 3D (Friday The 13Th Part 3 in 3D). But the new movies are awesome. I just saw Up, and if that's what they are think about incorporating into games, then I am all for it. If it's just Red and Blue 3D save the R+D $$ and finish Duke Nukem...

Enigma563483d ago

That sounds like a worthwhile venture for the gaming industry. I wonder if it'll play a significant role in the next generation o_O. Hmmm.

bigjclassic3483d ago

I may go insane with eagerness.