Tim Burton´s "9" to be adapted to a game.

Sources say that Tim Burton´s upcoming film "9" has found itself a home among the gaming industry. The post-apocalyptic story of a mutated Sackboy look-a-like will be appearing on most home consoles and also on PC.

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DFogz3489d ago

The story behind it looks like it could adapt into a fairly good game.

DominusRebellis3489d ago

Or you could play Fallout 3 and then LBP

ARog343489d ago

...a LittleBigPlanet knockoff if you ask me.

ChozenWoan3489d ago

The funny thing about this is that when the game is released, someone will make a LBP level just like it. Then your sack person can pretend to be 9 and run around having all sorts of wondrous adventures. Because that's just what sack people like to do, build levels for every classic game known to man and then share them with other sack people around the world.

Ohh boy, I'm starting to hear the narrators voice when I talk about LBP... cheerio.

FiLTHY ESKiMO3489d ago

Could make a decent platform game, but I tend to be disappointed when it comes to movie to game adaptations.

DevastationEve3489d ago

that's because they all just try to have some quick clips from the movie thrown in, and they also get the movie's actors to come in and do poor dubbing and cheesy one liners.