PSP Go/PS3 Slim Retail Box Comparison

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"This certainly adds a great deal of weight to the PS3 Slim box possibly being authentic. Wouldn't you agree?"

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Forrest Gump3486d ago

If you've seen the new PS3 ads then you know the PS3slim is a reality.

Sev3486d ago

I knew it was a reality for a over a month now.

That French site calling the PS3 Slim pics fake was the only fake I could see.

50CALheadshot3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

this cant be, everyone said te ps3 was a failure

Sony is taking over, sorry industry analysts but youre all idiots.

Your disappearance now that sony is a speeding UNSTOPPABLE train, is merited.... just resign from your positions as analysts, since you damn sure FAIL at your jobs

sorry haterz, but SONY JUST OWNED E3.

Jamegohanssj53486d ago

If you've seen the inFamous commercials Sony is now using the new PS3 logo that is surfaced on the PS3 Slim. They've also started using to retro robotic Playstation voice.


rCrysis3486d ago

it seems you've just put everyone back in their place

i never doubted your credibility, although it was kind of hard to believe. this proves everything.

TheExecutive3486d ago

Now can we stop with the ps3 slim is fake talk?




Get over it.

Cwalat3486d ago

The PS3 slim in itself might not be a fake announcement.

But the pics that were released by that company are...
Probably a home made concept, inwhich only purpose was to spread the rumor.

Who knows, they might've seen the box of PSP Go and copied it?!

I dunno, but the PS3 slim pics were horrible.. Sony would never release a console in THAT state.

The General3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

I know your still one of the most reliable journalists on the net. I never doubted you for a second. And anyone who's seen your previous work should never either. It's just the Xbox owners, like the guy directly above me, who are hating you for always bringing PS3 owners more reasons as to why the PS3 is the better reason.

And also:

They confirm the new Metal Gear Solid for the PS3 and PSP at 3:52 into the video:

This PSP-Go is Great and it's definitely a Day 1 as is the PS3 slim.

Metal Gear Solid is Exclusive. Confirmed!!!!!

E3 is over.

pain777pas3486d ago

If PS3 slim is real and now there is no doubt about PSP GO! Qore confirmed if the price goes down with the slim or for the slim Sony is in the driver seat. Exclusive gameswise they are the best right now in my opinion every genre covered with quality games. I admit the RPGs are lacking but WKC really looks better than what I thought the game was based on leaked english trailers. Sony keep it up. Go not having a touch screen kinda sucks and no 2nd analog stick but no UMD is the way the system was supposed to be.

Sev3486d ago

I don't get it.

Where are all the haters now?

They all come out to bash the crap out of me in the PS3 Slim pics are fake article from that french site. I got PMs threatening me and calling me an immigrant and everything. No idea where the immigrant comment came from, I was born in Boston.

Yet they never come out when I post stuff to shut them up.

Do they not see this? Or are they just cowards?

Mindboggle3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Im Sorry you got all that hate, which probably started because of my comments. Im just hoping the 60+ people who agreed with me on that article will apologize.

Johnny Rotten3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

3:11 on the youtube vid

@ 4:02 they show it having a screen saver clock!

doG_beLIEfs3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Its pretty simple why you get all of the hate. Sad little boys and men are NOT happy with the 360 that was so good to them back in 2007, they see the PS3 leaving the 360 in the dust when it comes to quality of software and the contstantly evolving PSN and the endless supply of unmatched 1st and 2nd party games.

It was so easy to hate on the PS3 back in 2007, its not so easy a matter of fact if you do you just look as outdated as a Republican in Congress.

Keep up the good work Sev, and if you don't mind can you add me back to your friends list? You dissappeard a few months ago.

Thanks the way how is the little rugrat doing?

Thank the Gods that E3 is upon us.

Mindboggle3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

To the people saying the logo on the box is the new logo it isnt...

The first one uses very basic type font which looks very cheap, and weve never seen used before, and the second one uses the familiar Spiderman font, and the second one is the one weve seen in the new commercials not the first one. They are both different.

Why would Sony use 3 different logos ?? That is the only thing that screams fake to me...

gamesmaster3486d ago

holy sh!T, did anyone else notice at the end of the video he says he has a second psp go which he takes out then he says "do you wanna game? theres grand turismo already on there for ya" to which she replies "oh i'm not that good at racing games"

GT not just confirmed, but also finished?

RememberThe3573486d ago

"1.43 - Sev
'I know because I have seen the PSP Go box. And it looks exactly the same as that PS3 slim box.'

Whats to say that the people who supposedly faked the PS3 Slim box, didn't see the same PSP Go! box and use that as a template for their fake?

I'm still on the fence about this, but it seems a little enthusiastic of you to say that the box is 100% real because it looks just like the PSP Go! box."

RememberThe3573486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Double post.

rockleex3485d ago

Because they were actually working on GT Portable at the same time!?!? O_O

Everybody thought they were solely focusing on finishing GT5 first.

Face Palm3485d ago

I hope the screen is GLASS like the iPhone and iPod touch so it doesn't scratch. I love how I don't have to worry about my iPod touch scratching when I put it into my pocket and since the PSP Go looks so pocket-friendly, it seems like a logical addition. Looks like a neat redesign but I'm disappointed that it still only has one analog stick though >:(

Fall of this year... damn suddenly that seems really far :/

cherrypie3485d ago

@1.3 "Sony is taking over, sorry industry analysts but youre all idiots"

Year over Year Xbox 360 sales are UP.
Year over Year PS3 sales are down.

The PS3 is *loosing* ground -- in a race where it was *already* third.

This has nothing to do with analyst subjective opinion; it is objective FACT.

The PS3 slim *better* have a significant price cut along with it if Sony hopes to stay viable this gen.

PS3 FanBaby3485d ago

That POS is ugly than the DSi! The graphics appear to be that of the Sega GameGear ROFL! Sony should stop making systems and turn into a developer like Sega since they clearly don't know how to make attractive devices.

gaffyh3485d ago

@Sev - PS3 slim probably is real, but that link you posted is not a PS3 slim it is a polystation 3.

@cherrypie do you have shares in MS or something, it's like you're trying really hard to defend them.

StalkingSilence3484d ago

Sev has known about this for a LONG time - it's been killin him.

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DELTABOY043486d ago

these sony leaks are getting out of hand! Sony is on the ball again

Mindboggle3486d ago

Well it can go both ways. They could see it as Major Hype. Or they can take the Valve approach and fire all the staff lol

bjornbear3485d ago

4 days away from Sony-day, and these leaks are only being followed by super-hypers =P The main market won't even notice till its announced. + we know very little of it.

I'd say its the perfect tease at the perfect time.

What puzzles me is...why PSP Go!...i mean i get the concept...something more media based and not so hard-core. Something quicker to use and not so clunky, like a portable media hub...but..i dno...i don't want it to become the new game gear =P

I have high hopes tho, i'll keep my eyes open on this baby =D

San Frandisco3486d ago


if its legit then thats really early for them to be resizing the ps3... they usually resize'em every 5 years..


PS2 SLIM-2005

OH WELL,ill be getting both the psp go and the ps3 slim if its even real.

3486d ago
N2NOther3486d ago

So someone saying $400 is too much money is a "hater"? it IS too much money if all you're using it for is gaming. I justified the price with all the bells and whistles but there is nothing wrong someone saying $400 is out of their price range. I think the fact that PS3 has been out for nearly 3 years and has only reached the install base that it has is pretty much a confirmation of all the things you call people "haters" for.

A price drop will help this out immensely and I personally can't wait. I've been trying to get my friends to buy one for the better part of 2 years. When the price comes down, it will be a much easier sell.

Seraphemz3486d ago

the site is down, GO is taking them DOWN !!

Sev3486d ago


I just forgot to beef up the server resources for such a big story.