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-x.Red.x-3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

i feel sorry for that guy who must of got fired...


Mindboggle3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

The PSP looks alot better in this shot than the Qore one..

Does anyone now how thick it is ??? As it looks very awkward to hold...

Ill look forward to getting one of these as providing its not ridiculously priced, and there is a better range of PSP games.

Sev3485d ago

@ Mindboggle,

This is for you...

Still think my credibility is gone?

Mindboggle3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Your credibility is back in my books...Sorry for doubting you..

I still dont believe the PS3 box though....It just doesnt look as professional as this box..Plus the logo looks fake on it...And thats not even because of the French site, ive never believed it...

50CALheadshot3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

what are the specs for the pspgo? do you know if the HEN exploit works on the pspgo?

my 3000 runs neo geo, gameboy advance, snes,genesis, nes...among many others. i dont even play psp games.LOL, if anyone recalls, i claimed they would release gran turismo with a new psp..... but a new mgs too????/!!!!im shocked. floored,stunned, ecstatic.

sony on the takeover

sack_boi3485d ago

What's hilarious, as it confirms the PS3 slim at the same time.

2 birds, 1 stone.

Sev3485d ago

@ sack_boi,

That's how I roll.

sack_boi3485d ago

Well, you're the phuckin man Sev, no doubt.

Sev3485d ago

@ 50CAL,

What do you mean by specs. Be more specific. It's the same innards as the original PSP as far as I know.

As for dimensions, or weight, I have no idea.

INehalemEXI3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

it looks aight but naming it go makes it sound like a go phone, like I did not know it was a portable or something. You insulting my int?

I_am_rushin3485d ago

If you think the logo is fake then check this out.

(watch the first video to the very end)

50CALheadshot3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

screen type?
bluetooth 3.0?
wifi upgrade to N standard, from A?

battery life?

i NEEEEEEEEEEEEEESDS to know. knowin me ill buy it first day anyway.even though there is a very high probability that this cant emulate past systems.LOL

Mindboggle3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

The logo on that video....Also shown here

Isnt the same as the one on the box.

3485d ago
MazzingerZ3485d ago

First TRICO and then this...I just hope you don't make an article later about SONY dissapointing during E3 because there were no surprises

You B media guys are a big reason why E3 sucks, you leak everything and then expect companies to announce even more stuff...this things kill the magic of the annoucements

MEsoJD3485d ago

Does it have a built in mic???

Mc1873485d ago

Oh I'm sorry did you look up from your piles of anime and dolls to actually read an article or do you just have a cheeto stuck in your [email protected]@

Face Palm3485d ago

I hope the screen is GLASS like the iPhone and iPod touch so it doesn't scratch. I love how I don't have to worry about my iPod touch scratching when I put it into my pocket and since the PSP Go looks so pocket-friendly, it seems like a logical addition. Looks like a neat redesign but I'm disappointed that it still only has one analog stick though >:(

Fall of this year... damn suddenly that seems really far :/

PS3 FanBaby3485d ago

That POS is ugly than the DSi! The graphics appear to be that of the Sega GameGear ROFL! Sony should stop making systems and turn into a developer like Sega since they clearly don't know how to make attractive devices.

PS3 FanBaby3485d ago

That's probably gonna sale for the rip off price of $199. Just go buy a PSP 9000 since it's the same thing with out the lame gimmicky slide thing.

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ToastyMcNibbles3485d ago

i like it but one question..what happens to my umd games?... i got rid of my old psp and have been waiting for this new one to be announced so i can buy this one but from the other pics i saw theres no umd least i think there isnt

Mindboggle3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

I want to know the same....If Sony are expecting us to buy the UMD games again...They can take a running jump..

But then again I dont want to buy a PSP 3000 to play UMDS when this is available...

By the way this image 100% confirms theres no UMD drive, as Sev said..


Sev3485d ago

There is 100% No UMD Drive. I have no idea what they are going to do about people's existing UMD library.

MriownBOTH3485d ago

if their are no tangible games.....PSP go wont do so patapon 2 was downloadable only.....lots of confused and pissed off people....

could be a bad move for sony.....

good for japan...but everywhere else....just dont think its worth it.

ToastyMcNibbles3485d ago

guess we gotta find out at E3...i hope they didnt forget about the people with umds because i still have mine...either way i definitely will pick up this new psp

Mindboggle3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

I think they are really trying to replicate the success of the app store on the iPhone.

What Sony needs to do is to make loads of games like PixelJunk Monsters, Super Stardust aswell as getting loads of third partys like Popcap and Gameloft on board to make low priced fun games....

Then couple that with the the blockbuster games like GTA, MGS, LBP, GOW, and I think it will do great..

If this PSP is anymore than £150 it will fail..Sony needs to make this £100 and it will sell like the DSi...

Sev3485d ago

Massive PSP support is coming.

hac-hunter3485d ago

if you're concerned about your existing library, maybe they'll release software that will let you rip umd games into an iso maybe when the psp 1000/2000/3000 is connected to a pc via usb....

I know that sounds like suicide for sony (piracy wise), but I think that's the only viable solution right now to address the issue of how people are going to play their current library of games on this thing imo.

I assume that going forward they will be releasing games in parallel.
A digital copy that one can download from the psn store and a one on umd that one can buy at a retailer...

Anyone know if you can add another memory stick duo to this thing?

Sarcasm3485d ago

Well the most obvious reason why Sony would want to go UMD-less as well as have a completely new hardware, is to combat Piracy.

And as much as I like playing on a homebrew PSP, there's still the guilt that I'm partaking on the downfall of the PSP itself.

Hopefully this new PSP is hack-free, so Sony could start making some profits off of it.

Mindboggle3485d ago

I always think piracys going to be an issue, digital download or physical media. Hackers will always find a way. Things like PSN game sharing...Thats a form of piracy and is probably hurting the sales of PSN games....

MazzingerZ3485d ago

I think you'll probably be able to copy the game from the old PSP to the new one...similar to when you get a new X360, you can order a free cable from MSFT to transfer your stuff from the old HDD into the new one

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Scolar Visari3485d ago

Most titles will be available for download.

cp683485d ago

The articles clearly states 'pics'...but i only see one.

Sev3485d ago

Oops, sorry.

They have been added. 3 more pics including the PSP Go Open, Closed, and a Logo.

soul899er3485d ago

NEW MGS PSP COBFIRMED!!!! Go check out the Qore episode guys!!!!