HDMI 1.4 brings built-in Ethernet and Quad-HD resolutions

The HDMI Licensing Group unveiled HDMI 1.4, the latest specification update for the broadly adopted standard by the home-theater industry and recently the IT industry as well.

HDMI 1.4 includes many new enhancements that are set to revolutionize the way that it can be used in its respective markets. For instance, the new HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC) feature will allow up to 100Mbps data transfers between HDMI 1.4 compatible devices. This could potentially allow broadband Ethernet or WiFi-connected HDTVs using HEC-enabled HDMI ports "to provide internet connection sharing with other HEC-enabled devices such as a game consoles or DVRs."

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talltony3486d ago

will without a doubt be super expensive. 50 ft HDMI 1.3 cables are super pricey!

Mo0eY3486d ago

Not really. I brought my two 1.3b or 1.3c (I forget) cables for $12 on Monster Cables is a rip off.

FragMnTagM3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

A lot less cable clutter is always a good thing. As long as the quality of the individual cables is still there or even surpassed, this a definite win. HMDI is not expensive if you know how to shop. If you go to Best Buy, Wal-Mart, or Target you are going to get ripped off. Shop on the internets and you will be fine.

phosphor1123486d ago

You sure its pricey?

Thats how much a HDMI cable actually costs. Never buy them from Best Buy or anywhere else.

Mikerra173486d ago

it kinda makes you feel stupid that such a simple idea will bring so much money to the people that invented this.
I need to patton something stat

talltony3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

if you get a good quality kind. I'm not talking monster cable but another High quality brand of a 50 ft cable is really expensive. If you dont care then the one you showed is fine but I care. I never get them at bestbuy or any place like that but usually off ebay or something and beleive me they be taxing alot on there.

phosphor1123486d ago

They are all the same "quality" the only difference is how they thread the wires, and as long as you don't play jump rope, you'll get great picture every time. It's not like analog cables. Usually you need higher quailty cables for longer distances to keep the signal, but because HDMI is transferred as binary, and not an electrical current, quality will stay the same no matter how long the distance is.

talltony3486d ago

Conductors matter and the way they are made matters. A no name company can produce a good cable and at the same time produce crappy cable. If you dont want to take a chance then buy the more expensive cable the first time. For internet purposes which we were talking about before probably wont matter what type of HDMI cable you have since it is just internet. Personally I dont see anything wrong with fiber optic cables for extreme high speed internet.

phosphor1123485d ago

They have gold plated ones, though they aren't much different than copper plated. You won't get any different quality, I say that with 100% confidence. As long as you don't jump rope with it, it will give you great picture quality.

Though I do agree that HDMI shouldn't be used for internet, current cat 6 cables are just fine, though the problem with fiber optics, which you mentioned, while they are good up to the house, you can't use them indoors. Fiber optics aren't meant to be moved around, they will break real easily and are VERY expensive, a lot more than cat 6 and HDMI. So if someone wants 100mbps data rates, stick with either CAT or if you can, the new HDMI.

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Lumbo3486d ago

imho the best part is the audio back channel. Removes the need of the added audio cable from the TV to the AV Receiver.

ambientFLIER3486d ago

How is that different from the HDMI that we have now?

Lumbo3486d ago

The HDMI sub 1.4 had only ONE set of audio conections. Therefor the AV receiver was able to send picture and sound TO the TV via HDMI, but could not receive TV audio via the cable. Typical problem: you want all audio via the AVR, TV speakers are disabled

HDMI1.3: not possible as the TV was plugged into an HDMI output for the PS3 and or DVD player signals.
HDMI1.4: possible as there is a dedicated audio backchannel that feeds teh TV sound into the AVR via HDMI.

So far i have to use stereo cinch cables to have my setup work like this, with hdmi1.4 i could just use hdmi cables to connect everything and it would work.

El_Colombiano3486d ago

Ethernet capability? Amazing. HDMI is the best.

Projekt7tuning3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Wile I do like the prospects of the tech, i'm afraid that the HDMI standards are moving to fast for the average consumer. I can picture a guy just buying a new Samsung led tv, thinking he's bought the best for the near future then reads this. "Sh$T". I kind of wish we could actually use the specs we have now to the max. It would be nice if we could get even 1080p readily from our cable providers.

7ero H3LL3486d ago

overkill, but it sure is awesome that they'll have superb bandwidth, both for media and networking. but isn't the future supposed to be wireless? ah well, i guess for Smart TVs that won't be moving from their spot having a fat pipe like that integrated with the cabling will make it snappy to hook up and get connected.

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