PS Store Getting Daily Updates During E3

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"We just got an email from Sony letting us know that the PlayStation Store will be updating daily to accommodate the massive influx of game trailers from E3."

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Lifendz3482d ago

but if they can replicate the Sony area or make a pseudo E3 for us to walk around in Home that would be nuts. 2 more days!

WhittO3482d ago

Would be good if they streamed the press-conference live!!

Side-note, wheres the best place to view the conferece? i tried Gamespot last year and the site/stream was ssoooo slow or just didnt work.

lociefer3482d ago

wouldnt it be awesome if they released a sneaky god of war 3 demo ?

menoyou3482d ago

sweeeet i hope they have some nice 1080p untouched videos because watching the crap from gametrailers sucks

whoelse3482d ago

Yeah I got that newsletter but as usual nothing from SCEE.

Marceles3482d ago

Would be cool if they updated daily even after E3 :)

pwnzter3482d ago

LOL dude i got the same email from sony. i think everyone who has a subscription to sony emails got that email >_>. lil fker. i should just make my own blog and fill it with bullshyt.

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PotNoodle3482d ago

No different to last year then.

Mindboggle3482d ago

The UK store never got daily updates last year...Hopefully this year though..

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The story is too old to be commented.