Tomb Raider 3 movie will be a reboot. Starring Megan Fox?

Ian Livingstone, Life President of Eidos (now Square-Enix owned), was recently interviewed and revealed a Tomb Raider 3 movie is coming. Megan Fox has emerged as the frontrunner replacement for Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft.

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BlackIceJoe3480d ago

I hope Megan fox is not Tomb Raider. Not really a fan of her acting and I don't think she really fits with playing Lara. I think the other rumor with Mila Kunis playing Lara would be better then Megan fox. So I hope this is not true.

San Frandisco3480d ago

same here dude,angelina acually did a great job looking like lara croft but megan? H3LL NO!
please put someone else in there insted of bieng close minded to all the BIG famous actors.

Supa3480d ago

For what it's worth. Keep in mind Fox would be playing a YOUNG Lara Croft, not the mature one Jolie played.