x360a's Top 10 Most Anticipated Titles of E3 2009 (unconfirmed)

x360a writes: "E3 2009 officially kicks off next week at the LA Convention Centre and as usual, the week before, we put our speculation caps on and tell you what we want to see at the show. Welcome to the first of two features we roll out before the show starts, this time discussing our Top 10 Most Anticipated E3 Titles that are currently unconfirmed for the show. Remember unconfirmed, so don't expect your Modern Warfares, Mass Effects and Assassin's Creeds to show up here. Okay then, let the speculation begin, huzzah!!

10. Onimusha 5

Capcom have been hinting that they're announcing a new game at this year's E3 and before they could put the phone down, or click the refresh button, the internet was alight with rumours that the title was Devil May Cry 5..."

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Real Gambler3482d ago

Simply expected...

C'mon, at least 9 of those should at least make a small appearance on E3, with some of them deserving a few minutes for sure. But somehow, there's only Forza I'm looking for, with maybe Alan Wake and Perfect Dark... Not much anticipation for sure. But yes, I do expect they will show all up in E3 for sure!

ShabzS3482d ago

i think we can allow ourselves to believe that alan wake will be showcased this yr... its about time...

BlackIceJoe3482d ago

I so want a new Perfect Dark game. I loved the idea for the rumored PD2 game idea that GameGuru heard about.