Article: Shame on you Capcom ... on PlayDevil

PlayDevil posted a short article on the new "imposter technique" for the game "The Grinder" and why its the only company that can pull it off.

Here's a snip:

"Can't really guarantee this is what happen, but I guess Imposter render the model and it's effect once, and then it calls this already loaded model, being necessary only to adapt lightning, saving a lot of processing power.

Why is this shameful to Capcom? High Voltage has been working with the Wii from ground zero to 65 fully shaded characters on screen in what, 2~3 years."

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qface643490d ago

i do agree shame on capcom for that one
but i always just saw chop till you drop a quick cash in so i never really thought of it as a game they put effort into

ChickeyCantor3490d ago

their problem was also the engine they were using.
Apparently the RE:4 engine was not made to handle that much characters.

Stupid though, but who knows. Maybe Capcom can do it right this time...doubt that though.

N4g_null3490d ago

Every one knew this already I think capcom is just trying to force some one to quit or to get better at making games LOL. Hell the mario 64 demo had a crazy amount of marios. Capcom does have a few under achievers there.

mastiffchild3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Since the RE4 Wii edition was, imo, the very best of a good game the fact that only another port in Okami has been of any real quality from Capcom on the Wii ot's shocking that nothing has followed.

CTYD was insulting and the lightgun shooters and RE makes are cheap cash ins on a great franchise when everuone expected at least something after the controls of RE4 worked so damn well.No SF for Wii either? They wouldn't give games like this to PS3 or 360 as they know they'd get fried by the fans so they palm it off on the Wii thinking that as they're all new to this that noone will notice but they are doing. It hasn't been good enough(personally I think most of the games this gen have failed to live up to the last gen efforts of RE4 and DMC3 etc but that's another issue)and if MH3, which does look really good in fairness, again fails to deliver than Capcom must really look at their Wii output and sort it out as they're selling the biggest market very short indeed.