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"Essentially the gamerscore situation is brilliant and gets me playing games I would not have touched previously however it's got to the point where I would purposely not buy a game if I didn't receive an award for playing, prime examples of this are related to PS3 / PC games. Now my PC doesn't get a lot of use for games anyway as I've kind of broke away from that scene but in the terms of the PS3 I will not get a game unless it has the trophies attached to it (or of course it has an outstanding review). Example of this is for Metal Gear Solid 4, I've been putting off the purchase in the hope of trophies being introduced at a later date."

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Cryptech3485d ago

Ya I agree. Not getting any trophies that don't do anything for you is the perfect reason to pass on MGS4, one of the best games ever made.


What a tool.