DL.TV: Bandwidth Monitoring You Love, PS3 Update Review


Your favorite net metering and bandwidth monitoring tools?

Robert's in love with the latest update for the PS3, which includes [email protected] it's not just a gaming console and a fine Blu-ray player, it's a tool to better humanity's lot by fighting disease.

Seriously. It's all about protein folding, misfolding, and related diseases. And some other improvements to the PS3 DL.TV'll talk about later

Is a Core 2 Duo e6600 based PC enough to play back Blu-ray and HD DVD disks? DL.TV thinks so, Quincy. Just remember that you'll need Blu-ray and HD DVD drives. They're a tad pricey right now. (You'll need playback software, too!)

Finding Robert's Geiger Counter Ringtone... Jose has a great site,, for finding any kind 'o sound.

"My child's been downloading a lot of movies... on P2P 'n torrent sites..." how much trouble is "Sleepless in the US" really in if the MPAA comes a knocking? Well, it depends SITUS, on how many movies he's left uploading for days on your home PC.

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