OXM UK: 20 Games Yet To Hit Live

OXM UK writes: "Xbox Live Arcade has been a huge success for Microsoft.

With over 200 games on the service spanning genuine classics (Pac-Man, Defender), retro updates (1942, SSFII HD Remix), board games (Catan, Hasbro Family Game Night), original ideas (Castle Crashers, E4), and bursts of sheer lunacy (Space Giraffe, Omega Five), there really is something for everyone.

But there isn't quite everything for us. Not yet anyway. Everyone has a dream game they want to see on Xbox Live Arcade and here at OXM, we have 20 of them. We've listed them below but let us know what games you'd like to see on the service too, we're sure some of you will jolt our memories..."

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BlackIceJoe3486d ago

Carmageddon, Cannon Fodder, Desert Strike, Toejam & Earl, Earthworm Jim, Gunspike, Powerstone & Space Channel 5 are all great games. I would love to see them all come out on things like Live Arcade, WiiWare & PSN.

I also would love to see these games get new games in there series.

Redgehammer3486d ago

sinistar i loved that game, road blasters, the original myst