Microsoft Warns About DirectX Exploit

According to Microsoft, the DirectX vulnerability allows remote code execution if the end-user opens a specially crafted QuickTime media file. Current investigations reveal that Windows 2000 Service Pack 4, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 are highly susceptible to an attack; Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 are not vulnerable.

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Kakkoii3486d ago

And Apple. (Read: Quicktime)

And Mac's have vulnerabilities to haha. More are merely found for Windows because of it's massive market share percent of other OS's. It's only logical for hackers to look for exploits in Windows OS's. Apple software get's hacked at hacking competitions in a jiffy.

snake-OO3486d ago

if a apple aplication gets hacked , it only affects that 1 application, not the whole system unlike windows<ive been using mac for 2 years now, and i havent had any virus, and i dont run antivirus. windows can have antivirus, and still get hacked,oh and that quicktime is a windows version .exe, not a mac version.

THWIP713486d ago

Look, troll...take your crap >>>>

If you read the article...and I KNOW you didn''d see that this is a minor security issue, and would take a lot of irresponsibility on the user's part to even be threatened by it. That's not an exploit that's readily tested for, especially on 8-10 y.o. OS's.

Kakkoii3486d ago

Lol, "a windows version .exe". It's a Quicktime movie file, not the application. And Apple is the one who creates the application, so Microsoft can't be blamed for that even if it was the problem.

And you are so wrong about it only being able to effect that 1 application haha. And I already explained to you why you haven't had many virus's, if you had taken the time to read carefully.