Tekken 6 PlayStation 3 Trailer

GameNews24Update: "Tekken 6 PlayStation 3 Trailer - E3 2009 Trailer".

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Doppy3487d ago

I'm going to get it still, but ALL the fighting games this gen have not met any of my standards (Fight Night being the only exception). None of them have tried ANYTHING new, besides online vs modes.

50CALheadshot3487d ago

not impressed, give me a exclusive battle arena toshinden

Montreafart3487d ago

Tekken is the best fighter in history and Tekken 6 seems to take the crown once again.

The game is filled with goodies as the trailer have shown.

Instead of focussing soo much on Kazuya and Jin, they should have showcased the real changes to the fans.

Marshall Laws new animation is frikkin AWESOME. They should have shown Law vs Feng Wei.

rockleex3487d ago

I like the Adventure Mode thing. Reminds me of Tekken 3.

But I hope there's a lot of depth to it,like Street Fighter Alpha 3's World Tour Mode.

The ability to upgrade your character's skill sets through Adventure Mode and be able to play him in VS Mode would be awesome! ^_^

But all this is just wishful thinking. -_-

boodybandit3487d ago

I agree that it's very MEH.
I was expecting much more than this visually. The customization is a nice feature but I think it's to little too late.

KKanjiAnkh3486d ago

Kof xii, and Tekken will do it for me, and I'll give Blazblue a whirl, but yeah SNKP have truly outdone themselves this time.

GameGambits3486d ago

I'm skeptical, but still interested by what I saw. The character customization alone merits it a rental if the reviews give the game props.

For me personally I have paid off King of Fighters XII as that is the fighter I'm most excited to play this year on my PS3. The clan system on it 100% merits it a buy to encourage me to find buddies to fight online with against strangers. I didn't buy SF4, but rented it, and wasn't WOWed by it, however it is a good game worth playing if you like fighters.

Tekken has a bit steeper slope to climb than other fights this year to impress me. :(

pain777pas3485d ago

KOf12 is the next fighter to get excited about. I love Tekken but if the PSP version is identical I'll get it for that cause its cheaper. I don't play tekken online it can get really button mashy same with SC4.

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raztad3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

I dont like the look of this game. Graphics arent impressive, fighters just look "plastic". Considering Tekken 5 graphical prowess both in the ps2 and psp (dark resurrection), I was expecting more from it.

I dont know why this game took so long to be finished when the first generation VF5 looks better. Maybe is the online.

50CALheadshot3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

ms held it back, just like its been holding back game development for a while!!MS is more concerned about slowing down sony, than it is concerned with creating new game experiences for its fanbase. THAT WILL BE THEIR DOWNFALL.

thats why i buy exclusives first day, and i borrow multiplats from friends.

blutooth> rf
cell>i7 cpu>xenon

exclusives utilize next gen technology to distance themselves from last gen. MULTIPLATS are bogged down by last gen hardware.

saimcheeda3487d ago

You are 100% right!!M$'s tactics this gen has been attacking sony!!

heyheyhey3487d ago

nice! beat-em-up side quest included!

sinncross3487d ago

I'm skeptical of that beat-em-up mode, considering how horrid the last one was.

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