Desktop game sales rise by 18 per cent

Fudzilla: "PC Gaming Alliance research indicates desktop game sales rose 18 percent worldwide last year; installed base stands at 228 million. According to the PCGA's 2008 Horizon's Report, PC gaming software saw revenues reach $12.7 billion in 2008 which is a rise of $1.9 billion, or nearly 18 percent."

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Kakkoii3486d ago

And people try to say PC Gaming is dying.. PFFFT!

Chris3993486d ago

13 million people all buying a $40 retail game. No real surprise there. Piracy is ever rising and P.C. software faces a marketing/ image crisis.

I'm not saying it's all doom and gloom, but it certainly isn't the rosiest picture either.

M337ING3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Lol, 18% = $1.9 billion.

For your comment to be accurate, you would have had to sell about 47.5 million copies of a game to be responsible for that kind of an increase.

So, no. The only doom and gloom is in the retail sector, with Digital Distribution and other methods more than picking up the slack.

evrfighter3485d ago

Glad this didn't make the front page. Had the mainstream audience here @ n4g read this. The internet would have imploded. PC GAMING IS DYING RIGHT!? right?...

Megatron083485d ago

bet a big part of it is ps3 fanboys buying games for window thinking they are screwing over MS by not buy it one the 360

CaseyRyback_CPO3485d ago

You're a moron if you think that I buy a PC game to "screw" over a billion dollar corporation.Don't take it personal, and waste your bubbles trying to confront me on it. Be secure with your console purchase, and move on.

I buy PC exclusives because I'm a gamer, and i care about playing the best version of a game to get the best experience. The best gaming experience for multiplatform games are exclusively on the PC.

I could care less if MS gets money. Your problem is that you're one of those delusional 360 fanboys that absolutely HATES sony and wishes they were dead and gone because you can't afford a ps3, so you project your feelings on me. Its not the case, i dont hate a company, at all. If anyone is getting affected by me buying PC games, its your ego. Knowing that you dont have to own a 360 to play the same game in better quality from my couch with any gamepad i want and surround sound.

skip2mylou3485d ago

we are screwing MS's 360 division tho. by not buying games for the 360 it makes it look like the 360 is making ms lose money. but anyway thats cool that pc gaming is still going strong

Chris3993485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

In more realistic terms, WOTLK generated around 500,000,000 dollars. That's about 25% of the industry growth for the year (from one game - Nintendoish logic at work here, but still). A ridiculously impressive figure no matter how you want to examine it.

The rest of the growth probably came from flash games, MMOs and casual-ware. Not the sort of software the the majority of the N4G crowd would be interested in. And retail shelving/ marketing of computer games is undeniably terrible. So while growth is nice, it's NOT all rosy. Look at the areas of that flourished, the types of software sold and the specifics of what we're talking about.

I would also like to see the source that they are pulling the meat of this article from. The news comes from a report from the 'PC Gaming Software Alliance', so you can expect a small to heavy amount of spin.

M337ING3485d ago


I'm curious to see those WOTLK numbers, because i find it hard to believe that an expansion's sales made up for half of all of WOW revenue last year (1 billion dollars).

I don't think you're giving DD enough credit. Steam has 20 million registered users, 8 million more than a year ago (with over 1.6 million users online concurrently at times), and Impulse has 1 million, and didn't even exist a year ago. A HUGE number of revenue increase is attributed to the Digital selling of the games we all know and love.

evrfighter3485d ago

Let's not forget the Publishing/Dev giant EA coming out and jumping back on the pc gamer bandwagon when they saw their steam sales revenue, and say the pc is "Rapidly Becoming the Largest Gaming Platform in The World"

Seferoth753485d ago

Chris is under the impression that the 11 million Wow Players all had to buy WOTLK. It isnt even out in China yet and when it is they will not have to pay for it. There are 7-8 million players in the US and Europe. The expansion could not have generated that kind of revenue.

Best to just dismiss anything he says and move on.

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M337ING3485d ago

Nice to see PC gaming industry growing,

Ziriux3485d ago

Good to hear the PC is doing good. Keep it up.

Dogswithguns3485d ago

PC gaming going up, I like that.

Kinetix3485d ago

That's great news, PC has always had solid titles and am glad that no one is forgetting about them even with crowded competition.

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