Wikipedia Bans Church of Scientology

"Open encyclopaedia not open for members of this church...

Wikipedia has banned all contributions from IP addresses owned by the Church of Scientology.

Wikipedia's "Arbitration Committee" (otherwise known as the ArbCom!) voted unanimously in favour of the ban on the controversial church.

The Register reports that, according to multiple administrators... the muzzling of Scientology IPs marks the first time Wikipedia has officially barred edits from such a high-profile organization for allegedly pushing its own agenda on the site..."

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qface643486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

oh well right
i mean honestly i do believe that everyone has the right to believe in what they want
but im sorry if there are any scientologists on N4G but i honestly see that religion as a joke

wait i just realized how is this related to games?

Myst3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

It's listed under Technology, filed under Internet (on the site that link sends you to) and thus is filed under Technology there so thus it will be technology here. Nothing to do with gaming as the field just deals with technology in a broad sense, not condensed as per say the field of gaming.

Rock Bottom3486d ago

Oh! it's "Tech News", would have listed it under "funny" but that could have been offending toward N4G's scientologists.


qface643486d ago

ahh ok ok i see

well honestly i laughed

Myst3486d ago

Had a slight laugh to, though mostly from remembering the south park episode :).

In fact...

*Goes off to watch that episode*

qface643486d ago

isn't that the one where the closet guy doesn't shut up i forgot his name

shadow-sentinel3485d ago

Closet guy is Tom Cruise. Oh and we also see John Travolta and R. Kelly. Funny episode.

TheTwelve3485d ago

Scientology is indeed full of logical and factual holes but I'm surprised that Wikipedia is doing this---kinda goes against what Wikipedia is all about.

Still, Scientology is banned in many universities as well.


Downtown boogey3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

I wanted to know what Scientology is really all about (although I'm familiar with the main theme and such)...
FIrst thing in mind where to search:

dogmeat eater3485d ago

Every religion out there just believes in magic.

RememberThe3573485d ago

As someone who is studying religion right now, I can't honestly say that was an incredibly ignorant comment.

Kakkoii3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Basically Scientology is a religion created around a story written by a Science Fiction writer named L. Ron Hubbard who died in 1986. So right off the bat, it's already extremely ridiculous. They believe what he said in his novel is true. They have these stupid little machines they built which costs a few grand to use lol. You place your hands on them and it expels the evil alien thetans that live inside you that make you do bad things and feel horrible, haha. It's nothing more than a scam under the guise of a religion. They rake in tons of cash from gullible rich people who think the machine will make their lives better.

The whole things incredibly ridiculous, only an idiot would fall for it. And it's perfectly fine to criticize something like this. It reminds me of a nice quote:

“We must respect the other fellow’s religion, but only in the sense and to the extent that we respect his theory that his wife is beautiful and his children smart.”
-H. L. Mencken

Ssxtreme363485d ago

if you have any free time check out religulous, you'll get a chance to see how the majority of all religions out there seem a bit nutty. to me my definition of someone being ignorant is one who does not want to know or learn. most religions go by a "faith based" system which makes it seem like its a bad thing to question god and his supernatural powers (aka magic) to me it seems a bit retarded to believe in something where their is not enough concrete proof of it ever happening (the bible is about as realistic as the oddessy or the roman god & titans which people back then seemed to believe in as well). so heres my question to you, if not believing in gods and powers possed by humans is ignorant, when did wanting to learn or expand your view of thinking become ignorant?

at the end of the day if you were to ask people if they believed in the jack and the beanstock story as if it was real, everyone would say no but if it happened to be in the bible you'd instantly see people flip their answers because their afraid of their god smiting them on the spot (which never happens) thats how loopy religion is, as long as it was in the bible it must be real. c'mon.....

rockleex3485d ago

But after seeing that Scientologist stalk that BBC guy, you just KNOW they're messed up.

FragMnTagM3485d ago

You nailed it man. That is logic that cannot be contested. I say the same thing to religious nuts. If you believe in your god, then you have to believe in every other god/religion there is. If you do not believe in the others, then how is yours credible.

Another question that always makes the religious nuts stutter is this one. When you die and your so called little spirit floats up to heaven, what age is the spirit when it gets there? Suppose a pregnant woman has complications and the baby has no choice but to be aborted or the woman would die, does the spirit of the fetus go to heaven? Or, does it take the form of what the fetus would look like when it was a human at the age of 20? Do you get to pick what form you go to heaven as? Same thing goes if you die a horribly disfiguring death, does that form go to heaven, or the form of yourself that was normal?

Kakkoii3485d ago

@FragMnTagM: Exactly. What people believe is their "spirit" is merely the collective knowledge gained through experience as we live. Our awareness of ourselves and our past, present and future. Everyone has experienced real death. A night when you go to sleep, but do not dream, that time in between is unaccounted for. You have no recollection of it, it is basically like being dead.

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shadow-sentinel3486d ago

I am expecting to see a lawsuit shortly.


heyheyhey3485d ago


we are legion

wOOt, go Wiki.. hopefully Google and the like follow suit and get this trash out of our society

FragMnTagM3485d ago

If scientology goes, take every other stupid religion with it also.

Regret3485d ago

Why the hell is this approved?

Sano643485d ago

If just about anyone can edit so called facts about the church of Scientology on Wikipedia why cant their own church do it??? I'm no Scientologist but its wrong to single them out

Lumbo3485d ago

That was the main problem, the ips are known for mass editing articles to warp them to the view of the ... church

quote:"Scientology's shadily-named "Office of Special Affairs" has, according to one ex member of the church "organized massive efforts to remove Scientology-related materials and criticism from the web"

Fun fact: if you write something the CoS dislikes and you happened to use the church's symbol anywhere in the writ (the Christian cross with the added 'rays') you get sued .. not for blasphemy, but for copyright violation. Ain't that ridicules?

heyheyhey3485d ago


haha, CoS is a business.. a scam

CoxMulder3485d ago

"Fun fact: if you write something the CoS dislikes and you happened to use the church's symbol anywhere in the writ (the Christian cross with the added 'rays') you get sued .. not for blasphemy, but for copyright violation. Ain't that ridicules?"

Sounds like a challenge to me... :D

My European ass isn't scared of some silly american legal system..

*Off to do some copyright violations*


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