Outside the box (Newsday reviews all your nextgen HD options)

Only two formats - Blu-ray and HD DVD - but a million questions

The copy on the top of the magazine advertisement for Pioneer's creme de la creme next-generation video-disc movie player is borderline brilliant: "So much detail, you can actually see the plot thicken."

To take advantage of the sensational performance promised by that ad - and delivered, as well, depending on your level of home-theater investment - the consumer electronics companies have asked the public's indulgence: Choose a new high-definition video format, either Blu-ray or HD DVD. Pay for yet another round of video catalog titles on a new kind of disc. Sink hundreds of dollars in one box or the other, and be prepared to be told you've backed the wrong horse.

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neogeo4275d ago

And if your format fails, then class action law suit to get all you money back:)

Robert223884275d ago

This article is still referenceing the relationship with Blu-ray and porn. Stop posting these stories, there have been like 100 already. The format war is over, just because you post this doesnt make HDDVD any less dead.

OldSchoolGamer4274d ago

they talk about more than porn, HD DVD and Blu-ray.