E3 announcement predictions that could destroy the world writes: "E3 '09 is finally upon us and as typical to the conference, everyone is predicting who will walk away the victor. Over the course of three days, developers, publishers, and the big three will be blowing gamers' minds across the globe. However, we're all still mostly in the dark as to what will be announced this year. Here are some predictions that would completely steal or annihilate the show."

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gamesblow3482d ago

Lame predictions and none will come true... Not on Sony's end. Well, one is for -- Twisted "cough" -- oh, nevermind.

I've heard Nintendo is working on a very different Mario game that has him lost in Nes land, though. We've all been hearing about this at various conventions for about a year now, though. Since we're not tied to Nintendo or Microsoft, I don't like to speak out about them... But, this once, I think you're going to see a very different Mario Game rear it's head for the wii this year.

How we understand it is It's Mario's cast lost in various Nintendo games. Like a night at the "nintendo" museum kind of thing. "ha" But who knows, lots of projects are talked about at these things... This is one that's been around and stays around behind closed doors, though.

Interesting enough, Zelda is a no go. The next Zelda game won't be shown until 2010 from what we hear on this side of the fence.

snipermk03482d ago

The author predicted Microsoft to be the E3 winner. Why MS with virtually nothing on their table could win against sony with 2 dozen exclusives is just about anyone's guess.

Mindboggle3482d ago

Microsofts press conference will be the same as last year. They really have nothing to show except securing a huge multi platform game, that "Steals" the show...

jessehaysfl3482d ago

id actually like to see microsoft "win" e3, i don't like xbox and i don't own one however the competition makes better games for us all.

jessehaysfl3482d ago

got a feeling this guy is a fanboy, I hate these damn examiner articles to be a game examiner all you do is sign up.LAME.