IGN: Cross Edge Review

Ryan Clements at IGN writes:

Cross Edge teaches us a very important lesson: there is a fine line between "depth" and "convolution." A game that could have been an entertaining compilation of iconic Japanese characters turned out to be a frustrating, awkward mess of menus, gameplay imbalances and annoying dialogue scenes. As appealing as this game may first appear to JRPG fans, I simply can't recommend it.

Presentation - 4.0
Graphics - 3.5
Sound - 6.0
Gameplay - 3.5
Lasting Appeal - 4.0

Overall - 3.5/10

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ElementX3481d ago

So... better than Damnation?

rockleex3481d ago

The battle system is REALLY fun.

I don't know about the storyline and dialogues, but don't expect much from this game. Graphics are just 2D sprites too, not exactly the best ones either.

Anyways, the point is that if you simply want to use all your favorite JRPG characters in a fun battle system, you should definitely pick this one up! ^_^

menoyou3481d ago

Yea it definitely doesn't look like a 3.5/10 from the gameplay videos I've seen. It looks as good or better than any other RPG this gen except Valkyria Chronicles and Demon's Souls which are the best ones so far.

Chris3993481d ago

The systems are only complicated if your gaming diet consists of twitch-reflex games and FPS'.

The graphics are nice if you enjoy 2D, and the effects are quite flashy.

And as far as the slowdown goes, I'm not really sure what the reviewer is talking about and I'm pretty sensitive to screen-tearing/ FPS/ graphical glitches in games. I think that the reviewer just started his piece in a bad mood and things went downhill from there.

I'd give it a 7/10, with the understanding that it's not for everyone.

vhero3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

The fact is he took 1 look at the graphics and made his mind up on this game like most reviewers and its a sad state of affairs really. Great graphics do not make a great game and reviewers never take this into account. Another dumb ass reviewer who really should be reviewing action games instead of JRPG's. As for slowdowns this is most likely fixable with a simple patch. Ya know because consoles can do this nowadays..

callahan093481d ago

Well Damnation was reviewed by Greg Miller, and Cross Edge was reviewed by Ryan Clements. You can't even take the scores that one website gives to various games as a means for comparing those games, because they aren't always reviewed by the same INDIVIDUAL.

And I absolutely never agree with Ryan Clements. He gave Disgaea 3 a 6.7 - Pshaw. One of my favorite games this generation. He seemed as though he had a complete inability to figure out the mechanics of Cross Edge. It's not the game's fault that he's too dense to figure out how to play it. The game is extremely enjoyable.

SaiyanFury3480d ago

I'm with you Callahan. The battle system is a tad unusual, but after spending a bit of time with it, it becomes quite natural, and you become surprised how many actions you can bust out with proper combos and whatnot. I got the game on day one and I love it. Great character dialogue, bright, vibrant visuals make the game very appealing to me. Personally, I love the game as a JRPG gamer. No it's not for everyone, but it is for me and that's all I care about.

Montrealien3480d ago

Niche jrpg is just that, niche jrpg.

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nightfallinicedearth3481d ago

At least it's better then Damnation.

Polluted3481d ago

That's just what I was thinking. Looks like IGN's out for blood today.

Sony Rep3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Damn. That's a flop...

edit: Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. was not involved in any way shape or form. You say otherwise, meet my lawyers. :D

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snaz273481d ago

and i have always wondered hmmm i wonder if he is actually a sony rep lmao... it would be quite funny to see one round here... id certainly have a few things to say to him!

Ashriel3481d ago

not so much, this game didn't have a lot of hype

but this will have this game's name out of the ps3 exclusive list used by fanboys in arguments xD