Nier E3 Trailer Leaks from Official Site

SCRAWL: "Square Enix didn't give away the link to the official site for the newly announced Nier in their press release earlier today, but they made the link quite obvious. We've found the official site which reveals more screenshots and the E3 2009 trailer for the game. Adding into the mix is the bad-ass artwork that is the entire site."

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rockleex5052d ago


Anyways, they should have just made Kingdom Hearts 3 instead.

I know, right?

Square has SO many great games they could be making *cough*FF7 remake*cough* that would give them SOOOOO much money, yet they choose to give us crap instead!!! >_<

sunnygrg5052d ago

Looks like SE is trying all sorts of strategies to appeal to the "western market." When bulky, violent men (remember the guy in Last Remnant) didnt work, they now try it with blood and gore.

KillaManiac5052d ago

That looked HORRIBLE...I would rather take Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 anyday over that garbage.

Gimme a FFVII Remake and stop trying to be anything but a JRPG develeper!

lordgodalming5051d ago

If this game hits retail before FFXIII in NA I will be really, really irritated.

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Sony Rep5052d ago

Now I remember why we only bothered to buy exclusive rights to Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest....

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Hisiru5052d ago

I don't know... we have to see more.

ReaperXL75052d ago

How the once proud, mighty, and awesome developer of some of the most classic RPGs on the planet has become nothing more than a factory for generic, boring, bulls#%t!

sofresh2005052d ago

Square fell off big-time and it's such a shame. Versus XIII is the only shinning light I see and it's 5 years away.

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The story is too old to be commented.