The Portable Gamer Review: Dig Dug Remix for iPhone

TPG writes: "Is Dig Dug Remix worth it? Maybe if you're a Dig Dug fan whose life has lacked clarity and meaning because you couldn't play it on your iDevice up to this point. Otherwise, it's hard to recommend as just a normal game due to the controls. This game was not meant to fit on this system, and it shows. Dig Dug is a classic, and deservedly so, but this version isn't."

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wondroushippo3486d ago

I thought the controls were just poor because of my large thumbs. So I got my sister to try the game...and she had the exact same complaints. I'm not kidding, this game is held back only by the controls, and not much else. Everything else is fine and dandy.

supercharger51503486d ago

That sucks but I can't say that I'm surprised from the iPhone. Other than touch controls it doesn't seem to do well with controls.

supercharger51503486d ago

I Dig Dug can also be played/gotten off XBLA. If the controls are bad on the iPhone but you still want to play Dig Dug maybe that's a better choice.

Spolodaface3485d ago

I'll stick to emulators on my PSP thanks.

MaCkTeHkNiFe3485d ago

OH boy, Dig Dug. Every time i try to drop a rock on an enemy, some strange chain of events occurs and i end up killing myself :/

killyourfm3485d ago

True story: I used to sing the theme song to this game to my little brother and he would react like he was having an aneurysm.