RandomNPC: Fallout 3: Broken Steel Review

RandomNPC writes: "In spite of this, it's hard not to recommend Broken Steel if you liked Fallout 3. 800 points feels a reasonable asking price for what's offered here. The conflict with the Enclave is intense and builds to a memorable finale, and local troubles with water distribution do add flavor and help build an atmosphere of a world finally on the rebound. Fawkes, at least, now agrees to do that thing if you ask him to, the Lone Wanderer gets a few new toys, and the player gets more time with Liberty Prime. The new locations are well designed and fun to explore; a collapsed building in Olney lends itself well to a tense multi-story firefight with the Enclave, and an old Presidential metro system provides an interesting alternative to the cut-and-paste crumbling DC transit tunnels."

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