RPGFan: Knights in the Nightmare Review

RPGFan writes: "I can't believe I ended up enjoying this game as thoroughly as I did. It truly came as a shock to me, because my initial impression was that I wouldn't like this game at all. But it's worth learning the game's unique mechanics and trying it out. The game has multiple endings (thanks to the differing scenarios), as well as different difficulty levels, and hundreds of recruitable characters, including some from Riviera and Yggdra Union. If you're a series fan, there's no question that you need to play this game. For newcomers, I only offer this one warning: be ready for a challenge. This is a difficult game, and you have to want to learn how the game works to enjoy it. Put in the effort, and you'll get a lot out of it. It may not be the best handheld strategy RPG on the market, but it's certainly the one that turned the genre on its head. I will not soon forget it, and if you take on this 20-hour-long DS game, I suspect you'll remember it fondly as well."

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Homicide3487d ago

The game has a terrible name, but I'm looking forward to it. Nice to see it's a little on the short side.