E3 2009 Final Weekend News and Rumors

PixelatedGeek says: "This is it... the weekend before E3. All of us over here a Pixelated Geek are excited to be able to cover what is quite arguably one of the biggest gaming expo's of the year. There's so much we still don't know about what's coming this year or what to expect, but here's some more about what we know and can expect."

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Fullish3486d ago

Slim PS3 is what i'm holding out for.

solidxz3486d ago

I wouldn't count on it, but the PSP Go! has my attention. :D

nothere3486d ago

what a waste of time, don't you think there would be more important things the company could focus on improving -_-

Cyrax_873486d ago

Let's hope for the best E3 in years :D

iseven3486d ago

Mass effect 2! Damn i can't wait. Them trailers got me worked up!

Serjikal_Strike3486d ago

ever.....Im lookin foward to it...and lots of new game footage

NOOBKILLA3486d ago

Man I can't wait until E3. I have my pass and ready to go. This will be by 3rd E3! I'm hoping to see:

1. Killer Instinct 3
2. Gears of War 3
3. MSG 5
4 Mass Effect 2
5. Alan Wake
6. Tekken 6
7. Rumored Square-Enix MMO for PS3
8. Rumored Epic PS3 exclusive

I can't even sleep I am so excited!!!!!!!

Torkith3486d ago

Don't forget Trico + Lionhead is supposed to be there.

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