Prototype Flight of the Hammerfist Trailer writes: "Activision has also released a new trailer today for their upcoming game, Prototype. Dubbed 'Flight of the Hammerfist', the trailer is very amusing and features a slow-mo Alex Mercer performing the hammerfist attack on an enemy tank. Watch for more on this one as we preview it next week!"

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LONEWOLF2313484d ago

NOW that looked hella sweet!
This game will be epic

Serjikal_Strike3484d ago

I hope they dont think this game will be better than God of War 3.....

Prototype looks good but not great!

well I'll wait on reviews to see if im gonna pick this up...

lonz3583484d ago

so you think GOW3 will be GREAT? cuz what i seen so far(same as you)was the same ol from one and two with updated visuals. am i wrong?

ThePoorman3484d ago

LOVING IT! The game looks like it will be an epic display of bloody carnage.

Eiffel3484d ago

I see high reviews for this title. I'm glad I pre-ordered. June 9th hurry up.

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