Cenega Delves Into NecroVisioN

IGN reports on Cenega announcing that it has signed on to publish the Farm 51-developed PC and Xbox 360 title, NecroVisioN. A great evil lurks beneath the earth's surface, hidden amongst the war-torn landscape of World War I, and it is up to players to stop it.

NecroVisioN will be using the Painkiller engine.

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Neutral Gamer4278d ago

Just a suggestion, but as it's been over 9 months since we had any NecroVisioN news on this site you may want to add to your description the following link to an old N4G story by Janx which shows some screenshots of the game:

It might bring the memories back for some people! :)

Ru4278d ago

Yeah I remeber reading that article! I even Bookmarked The website.
Unfortunately there has been no new updates on this game.
I'm Really Excited about the twist they are throwing into a WW FPS Game.
I hope it comes out before I die of Old Age!