Capcom says some secrets coming Tuesday morning

Capcom has had a grand old time teasing its secret E3 game. A few days ago, Christian Svensson actually stated that there had been a change of plans and that the title would hopefully surprise gamers. Now, via Capcom's Twitter account, one last hint was released.

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qface643486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

well i don't know how many games they plan on revealing
but what i do know is that 1 of the games they are going to reveal is a wii game

im guessing devil may cry on the wii since that hasn't been on the wii yet

KillaManiac3486d ago

Id guess a Wii style shooter of Resident Evil 5.

If they say a new breathe of fire is coming out...I will be pissed if its on the Wii!

qface643486d ago

i doubt its re5 since they said it was a franchise that has never appeared on that hardware

as for breath of fire keep wishing capcom already said they won't make one at all because its not cost effective
which sucks

Serjikal_Strike3486d ago

its never been on a nintendo why start now?

Kamikaze1353486d ago

Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, and a crap load of other franchises went to the 360 for the first time. Why NOT start now? it would be interesting to see DMC on the Wii.

qface643486d ago

yeah what that guy up there said is true
i dunno if you have been paying attention but with all the twists that have been happening this gen anything is possible

MEsoJD3486d ago

Devil May Cry on rails

: p

Skyreno3486d ago

onimusha for ps3 hey its on tuesday

N4PS3G3486d ago

Tuesday Morning = Nintendo

Serjikal_Strike3486d ago

That would be fantastic news....if we get another Onimusha title

Definitely on my top 10 all time favorite games

Torkith3486d ago

11am for Sony is also considered in the morning... just saying.

Myst3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Well I'll just have to be up at that time then I suppose.

I wonder if I should watch E3 through my Playstation 3 this time around and watch it on the big screen instead of on my laptop.

Whitefeather3486d ago

I'm gonna do both. I'll be in Home on PS3 watching it there and on my laptop at IGN or G4

Myst3486d ago

Home is going to be showing it? I was just going to go to a site and stream it from there, but if it's going to be on Home that's even better.

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