Microsoft does well with Xbox 360, but needs to try harder

The news flow is abuzz this week with stats about Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) and its Xbox 360 console. According to reports, the company has sold 30 million units of the gaming hardware around the world. Nintendo Co., Ltd. (OTC: NTDOY) is still in first place with 50 million Wii consoles sold. And Sony Corporation (NYSE: SNE)? Well, the PlayStation 3 is decidedly third with roughly 22 million systems moved through retail channels. And don't start with that Xbox-360-had-a-year-over-Sony excuse. Doesn't matter. Microsoft has so far played it well.

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GiantEnemyCrab3481d ago

Hrm, well that seemed like a whole lot of nothing..

But I do agree MS needs to stay focused but what business doesn't?

36T3481d ago

Microsoft does need to stay focused, like GiantEnemyCrab said "what business doesn't?". A few of their decisions have been questionable but overall i like the direction they are heading in.

If it wasn't for the hardware problems, the X360 would of sold a lot more units. Honestly, i never thought the 360 would've outsold the PS3 in the first place and considering the issues i just mentioned, i would say they are sitting in a pretty good position.

Should they add a small chunk of that Wii user base with their full motion control camera, it's even better.

No matter what they do, keep the games coming and I'm satisfied.

Cyrax_873481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

I'm pretty sure it's the other way around..seriously, when my PS3 breaks I'm going to buy another one. Plus the 360s break alot more often so more new consoles bought, especially since launch 360s will be out of warranty now.

*awaits disagrees + bubbles losses* >_>

FantasyStar3481d ago

Let's spin that....

It was because of the hardware problems that the X360 sold alot more units. Average 360 owners most likely went through 3-4 360s. Therefore if there weren't that much hardware failure: 360 might've not has outsold the PS3 by much.

lololololol. (hope someone gets the joke)

really duh3481d ago

And so it begins.

Pre E3 damage control

36T3481d ago

Three year warantee anybody?

DaTruth3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

I didn't read this article, but what does this have to do with PS3? Besides a passing reference? Please stop posting 360 news in the PS3 section!

@GiantEnemyCrab: No, I believe the best course of action would be to lose all focus! Look how well it worked out for the banking industry and GM!

menoyou3481d ago

this isnt news. marked as spam

pain777pas3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Truth is M$ is about where the xbox ended which is good. Now the problem M$ faces is yes people will buy new systems once the warranty like mine has expired I refuse to buy another system from them because I find there are too many problems with the hardware even disc reading errors etc....... Live is good service that works well. That is M$ selling point because games wise I have not been that impressed from the first party stuff. The propaganda from journalists that 360 multiplats are better will not hold water forever. Truth is they make it seem like the PS3 version is unplayable and its far from the case, you won't be able to tell the difference once you switch except for extreme cases like THQs wrestling ports and Ubisofts early games. Now its about whos got the games that I want to play. Alan wake may be good but if its on one disc I'll pass it'll be another 5hour Gears like game just a tease and add in multiplayer for length extension. I want real meaty experiences that are next gen not even shorter and dumber than last gen. I'm not buying the 360 anymore. I was so much on their side with all the hype and then I saw that I bought and liked RR6, NBA 2k6, Kameo then....... Oblivion. PGR3 looks great but I did not like the controls, Forza was so menu heavy and souless it doesn't have the presence or mystique of a PD GT game. Good game though just not that interesting nothing to see but naked anime girls on cars in the auction. Halo3 was way overhyped played it beat it didn't go back for multiplayer cause it doesn't interest me. Bioshock was really good. ME was really good. Then Bioshock shows up on the PS3 so does Oblivion, RR7 is there too. I found that once they sold Bioware or whatever happened there I gave up on the 360 cause that is what I was buying into originally that Bungie and Bioware were M$ first party devs now even ME2 has never been officially confirmed by even the Bioware staff to be exclusive to the xbox. They have money and all that but I'm looking for the innovators game wise not game distribution with Live. They want to build a false legacy by selling old games that were on other platforms just to keep me loyal. I want new games and experiences that are not a rip off other consoles. Nintendo could have copied the eyetoy as well but they went with the WII and now are the leaders this gen. Though the idea came from Sony's eyetoy they did something totally different. M$ wants to be Sony. RR as a launch title? Come on get real. Once I played the PS version and see no CG ending just swirls of colour and see that she is wearing a black dress in the opener I knew that something was wrong. Namco did make a good game but it wasn't the best. Play the PS3 version you'll see the differences in presentation alone. I'm rambling now so I'll end here M$ had me admittedly at the beginnig Jay Allard and the whole xbox experience thing Oblivion, Bioshock and ME saved the xbox experience for me 2 of those 3 games are now on the PS3 plus games that I like playing and innovative games that I wouldn't have seen myself playing like Folklore, Flower and LBP. I'm glad that I didn't get stuck in the hype mill and now am playing the games that I want to play whatever system they're on.

Sitdown3481d ago

makes complete sense.........if your 360 breaks......just go buy a new one, no need to utilize the 3 year warranty. And if you are out of warranty, just go buy another 360....instead of paying the lower price for repairs. Brilliant!

ShabzS3480d ago

bring some focus onto the core gamers a little more

RumbleFish3480d ago

Come on! they need to release new hardware! First of all: the 360 is completely obsolete. With no HDD in every unit and no BluRayDrive it has no chance to expand and stay on par with the PS 3.

Then it only has multiplat titles now. The few exclusives are not very interesting and not in the league of the titles coming to PS 3!

And last: the hardware is faulty, has bad design and is not stable. They would never have sold so many units if the hardware was not that unreliable. A friend of mine is on his 6th machine now and he allways sold the machine he got back from repair and baught a new one. He's probably not the only person to do that!

Megatron083480d ago

I find it funny that people say MS needs to focus. MS went from dead last place to 1st this gen. Sure nintendo and sega drop out of the race but sony and the playstation seem to be an unstopable beast. The 1st ps sell 100 million and the ps2 selling 150 million. Now the ps3 will be lucky to make it to 50 million sold this gen. They have made the 360 the number 1 next gen platfrom not only that they made it a multimedia deceive with xbox market place and adding netflix, sky and msn support. They are leading the industry with xbl and xbox market place.

MS needs to buy up a few more devs and they be set

All-33480d ago

How many of those 360/PC games are available on other home consoles?

Does the fact that many of the 360 games are also available for PC gamers negate the amount of 360 owners buying the home console versions?

You always make it seem like having 360/PC games is a bad thing for the 360... and yet generally the sales for those games are higher for the 360 vs the PC.... imagine that.

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-MD-3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Microsoft is doing fine we already have 7-8 announced exclusives coming up with I'm sure another 4-5 announced at E3.

The only people worried about the 360 are the Sony fanboys.

Edit: 3 phantom disagrees from obvious Sony fanboys? I rest my case.

Cyrax_873481d ago

..don't go around throwing the word "fanboy" everywhere. You're just asking for disagrees. And it goes both ways, I see more 360 fans worried about sony news then the other way around.

CaseyRyback_CPO3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Mass Effect 2 - PC Exclusive
Lost Planet 2 - PC Exclusive
Alan Wake - PC Exclusive
Warhounds - PC Exclusive
Huxley - PC Exclusive
Splinter Cell - PC Exclusive

Where are the 360 exclusives again? Oh yeah, 1 vs 100 and a 300,000 MMO job application. Oh and playing the same game for the 5th year in a row gta4, and a halo expansion kit bundle elite edition.

Hope that helps check in with you. 360 owners hottestn4g/biggest e3 news is and will always be former Playstation games. Thats just the reality. Disagree all you want, just checkout the hottest games on n4g/gametrailers/neogaf/everyw here.

My 360 has collected nothing but dust since gears2/fable2 of last year, its as if when you just own a 360 you have to wait until e3 to find out which games you might play at the end of the year, and which playstation games MS buys. Just like last year, only thing worth a damn came at the end of the year, and 1 rpg. in 365 days.

What AAA's has the 360 had this year again?

Ya we PC gamers do have a ton of exclusives to look forward to. Best versions of multiplats, and exclusive games all running on hardware that ran half life 2 fine 4 years ago w/controllers on my couch.

The best part about all of this e3 talk, is that all of these games have been the games we have all been looking forward to every e3. Alan Wake isn't newly announced, just like the rest.


phantom disagrees.... so which PC exclusives aren't PC exclusive but 360 exclusive again?

36T3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )


Anger management hasn't done a thing, has it? Exclusives, exclusives and more EXCLUSIVES! Will you quit it? Nobody with half a brain cares about you're rants about Xbox exclusives also releasing on PC. You are not telling us something we don't already know. If this is a way for you to communicate with yourself, feel free to continue while i sit back and watch the CaseyRyback_CPO show. I must admit, it's quite comical!

7thNightvolley3481d ago

do u really think MS would abandon its PC platform coz it has the xbox? NO. just has sony would cater to its psp and ps3 and ps2 games e.g ghost busters times exclusive to psp and ps3 so will MS do that same with xbox and PC at the end of the day its still making VistaOS more gameing friends remember they even added gamecard to it just like the XBL one.. and the majority of developers of today are from the pc foundation. and when they say exclusive they are relatively right coz its a console exclusive.

pippoppow3481d ago

It's really false advertising. Someone reading an article stating that a 360 title is exclusive when it really isn't is shameful. Yes it does matter that a game is known whether it is exclusive or not because those with a decent gaming PC can get the best version, pay less for the PC version and does not have to pay to play online. That's like a Sony game that is on the PS3 and PC being stated as a PS3 exclusive. It just isn't right.

Halo3 MLG Pro3481d ago

Xbox 360 or the PC..... it's all money in Microsoft's pockets! :)

CaseyRyback_CPO3481d ago

So one dude is blathering about Microsoft ending Xbox development? What are you even talking about???? And another guy is saying "YEAH SO WHAT?!?!"

I just stated that the 360 has no exclusive games, that aren't EXCLUSIVE to the PC, as the fellow in the comment im replying to stated. None of you have yet to come up with anything poignant. Just more crying about how you know nothing about gaming, and what exclusives mean and have meant in previous generations.

@ MLG Halo Fan3000,

Yeah more money for MS to not make any exclusive IP's on the 360. WIN WIN right? ... ri..ght?

MS getting paid some licensing fee for using some windows api/directx isn't the same as publishing a game on a console. Money has nothing to do with the fact that none of its "exclusives" are exclusive. You can keep chasing your tail all you want with "buh buh MS gets tahhh scrillz!" It has nothing to do with game quality, development, or gaming in general. 3+ Years and there are less than 5 "AAA" only on 360 titles.

How does that old saying go, my grandma used to say it.. "I cant play sales but I can play all the mediocre non AAA titles and multiplatform releases I want..and pretend they are good" or something? ehh.. seacrest ouuuttt.

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lonz3583481d ago

This site is filled with sony fanboys so your gonna get way more disagrees and so am I gonna get them...I guess it's good 360 games have a high replay value that's why theirs not 2 many on this site.

Power_Of_Flops_3481d ago

There are a lot more 360 fans trolling PS3 news than the opposite.

On the other hand, there hasn't been a lot of news for 360 recently, since there was pretty much nothing announced in 2009 for the platform.

dachiefsman3481d ago

Says the guy/gal with the name power of flops.

If I had to put a percentage on the users of n4g, it would be 80% Sony 15% Microsoft, and 5% for the rest. The Sony contingent highly out weighs the others.

Power_Of_Flops_3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

There are more MS TROLLS, but more PS3 mostly non troll fans.

Of course Sony has more fans. Same on Neogaf.

You should wonder why people prefer Sony. The day MS opens studios instead of closing them and chooses to MAKE games and bring something positive to the industry like Sony does instead of destroying (using money to buy timed exclusive or turn exclusives into multiplats), I swear they will have more fans. Including me.

Edit to the guy below : yeah they have 2 or 3 nice IPs, and MAss effect is not one of them, it's not owned by MS. That leaves Forza, Halo and not much... The rest is 3rd party multiplats or XBLA crap that still gets rated 85+ on Meta.

Nice. Sony has dozens of IPs you know ? From Ratchet to gems like Ico, SotC, Uncharted, LBP... 30 vs 3 maybe... So yeah, that's my point.

I respect what MS did, but they need to do more as full AAA exclusive games.

'Taking side' makes sense when one is giving you 30 nice full games, and the other gives you only 3. That's why you see people taking side both on N4G and on Neogaf. They just love the games Sony made for them. If that was MS which gave them, they would love MS instead.

If MS makes 30 new IPs, you will see at least as many MS fans. But it won't happen anytime soon, they're closing studios right now.

dachiefsman3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

I am not an Xbox "defender" but MS does have good exclusives. Halo, Gears, Mass Effect to name a few of the upper echelon games.

If you don't respect those, then your just a.....well you know what you are.

People prefer Sony since a lot of people owned the PS2. The problem is that most people can't open there minds to other things such as the Wii and 360, which is stupid. All three consoles offer great things to GAMERS, if you are a GAMER.

Taking sides for one or the other is such an obvious waste of time.

snaz273481d ago

although i have to agree with you in essence, i still have to make this point, befor the ps3 i didnt really like sony consoles, with the ps1 i preferred the n64, with the ps2 i preferred the xbox... mainly the reasons for that were i belived they had supierior hardware and they did... however really its the fact that i have opened my mind to sony and i gave the ps3 a chance because of how awesome it sounded, it took me quite a while to make my decision, i didnt just go out and get the ps3 cos im in love with sony, far from it, i did own a 360 at launch cos there was no other option and as i said i liked the original xbox, but to be honest i wasnt very impressed... the ps3 just blows me away with what it can do as a media center AND a gaming console... to me it is the complete package to get if you have the cash, and really the cheaper option in the long run... well actually with all the exclusives sony are making its gonna leave me a lttle strapped fpor cash but thats the good skint lol

dachiefsman3481d ago

Yea I hear what your saying but the 360 is an entertainment center just like the PS3. I download movies and stream them from my pc with no problems. I will say some games graphically and sound wise surpass the 360 such as Infamous and MGS4, but 360 isn't very far behind in those departments.

Who knows maybe Alan Wake will be the game to surpass a PS3 title.

snaz273481d ago

thats not really what i mean by a medis center, i mean couldnt you just hook your pc up to your tv and do away with the streaming and the 360? i dont own a pc, im talking to you now using the ps3, i can stream movies online free of charge, but i dont bother as i know a site where i download them direct to the ps3, the same with music i download all that for free too just using the ps3, then if i want the highest quality video i pop in a blu-ray movie... but i have to congratulate you on atleast saying the ps3 has the edge with graphics, cos there are not many 360 fans that will admit that so nice one... and hey yeah alan wake could well supass the ps3 games who knows, but even if it does thats just one game where as sony are pumping that quality out all the time, thats what i love about it, listen you seem like a sensible chap, why dont you go for a ps3?

dachiefsman3480d ago

cause i already have a ps3

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Power_Of_Flops_3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Well, I own both consoles, but the 360 definitely needs more exclusive games, gamers don't play 'sales' they play games.

There was no AAA exclusive at all released as full games in 2009 for 360, while PS3 owners enjoyed gems like Killzone 2 or Infamous, and will enjoy tons more. Another Halo DLC won't be enough vs god of war 3, uncharted 2 or gran turismo 5...

At half the price, the 360 sold less than the PS3 worldwide on the same period from launch, it's hardly an achievement.

If launch date doesn't matter then PS2 leads by far with 120+ million consoles sold.

So either way you take it, 360 is not a huge success. Not a great failure either, but definitely not a huge success considering they basically needed to give the console for free to compete with the 400$ PS3...

snaz273481d ago

i love the way people say "dont mention the year lead it doesnt matter!" and call it an excuse! lmao... its like if someone started a marathon the day before everyone else, and then at the end of the race said "pffft i finished that race hours ago! you all suck!" then "what? i started yesterday? so what dont come to me with your excuses! i beat you all fair and square!" lmao you would think he was a dumbass! and well thats how i view people that disregard the year lead that xbox360 has over the ps3... i mean come on it had a year with NO competition! and its in the lead? really? wtf did you expect!... anyway i think my point is made lol

dachiefsman3481d ago

"they basically needed to give the console for free to compete with the 400$ PS3"

Why didn't you wait for your free hardware??

The 360 is right were it needs to be considering people were saying "where were the games for the ps3 before the release of MGS4!"

Besides you should claims as those you made before E3.

Power_Of_Flops_3481d ago

@snaz : ah ah exactly, it doesn't make sense at all. Either way, Sony wins with PS2 (installed base without caring about launch date) OR Sony wins with PS3 (hardware sold on the same period from launch).

I don't give a fvck, I don't own shares, but facts are facts and pigs don't fly.

The day MS makes as much great exclusives as Sony, I'll respect them.

snaz273481d ago

icouldnt care less about sales either but it does get up my nose when you have a article discussing sales then they just disregard the lead as if its nothing, really the mind boggles how anyone can argue that it doesnt matter! and really i do love the ps3 exclusives and i think that in this department sony are really coming through right now, its just rediculous how many exclusives have been announced... man im really looking forward to e3 to see what else they have in store for us, i think this year is gonna be awesome, i wish i had then gen when i was a lad lol, im getting on abit now im 28! soon ill have to hang up my controller lmao.

Power_Of_Flops_3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

well snaz, I'm 34 and I never really stopped. It's all about choices. But I agree I had more game time when I was younger, especially since my girlfriend doesn't like video games at all...

@Halo3Pro : Meta is highly biased, considering most websites are American and support MS.

But even like that, Halo Wars scored only 82, that's far from AAA, while Infamous score multiple 9 and 10's, mostly ignored by Meta (but they took the small fanboys sites like Teletext, well anyway...), even like that the score was 85... The 2 games are not in the same league in my opinion. KZ2 scored even higher and is clearly AAA.

@36T : I take PS2 because it's still active and if you don't take the launch date, then PS2 wins by far vs 360 with 120+ million consoles sold.

If you take the launch date and sales from launch worldwide, then PS3 wins vs 360.

But yes I know, 'wait for E3', that's what Dreamcast fans said too.

Just kidding, I hope MS will have something for 2009. Only thing I want is games.

Halo3 MLG Pro3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Dude your a sony troll on a new account. You say the 360 had no AAA titles? Well what is Halo Wars? Both Halo Wars and Infamous are averaging mid 8's. But you think Infamous is a AAA title and Halo Wars is not? Stop talking nonsense kid. Oh damn, your 34??? WOW! :/

The 360 is doing more than fine. No worries in 360 land.

dachiefsman3481d ago

yea one more account and he could retort your comments.

36T3481d ago

Wait until E3 before making yourself look like an idiot. Let's talk triple A games after the full lineup for each console is on the line.

"gamers don't play 'sales' they play games."

To play a game you must buy it, unless the majority of the PS3 fan base rents or buy used copies.

"they basically needed to give the console for free to compete with the 400$ PS3..."

Why do fanboy's always assume that everybody buys an X360 arcade version? How many people do you know with an arcade version? Nobody that i know own one, nothing but pro's and elites.

Btw, why are you comparing the PS2 to the 360?

snaz273481d ago

yeah i know i think ill always be a big kid at heart, and well i love tech stuff anyway its kinda why i went with the ps3, and i also suffer the same problem with the mrs, try as i might she just aint interested lol... plus we have a daughter and another on the way! so even less time for me grrrr lmao

halo3 dude i have seen you in many ps3 articles trolling, have you ever seen me in a 360 article? i mean why would i care what happens with the 360? but however i do agree with infamous as i wasnt that impressed with the demo, but try putting halo wars up against killzone 2! lmaoi... and it really does make sense that ps3 will see more exclusives due to sony having more studios, just common sense really isnt it?

air13481d ago

if you dont have respect for micro by now you never will so dont kid your self...

seriously, the ps3 had sh!t till mgs4 but it was all fine who cares that it took over a year even if sony owns like 20 in house devs right?! who cares that the ps3 is sony's 3rd console and still came out the gate with a limp d!ck. after all that experience they couldnt figure out that games sell a console.

so lets crap all over micro because they havnt announced new games since fable 2 l4d halo wars gears2 etc. when sony was standing still micro was doing its thing and now you cant wait a few days to give micro a chance to make announcements at e3? you sony fanatics can be such hypocrites..

i guess you ppl dont remember all those bold claims sony made how when the ps3 comes out every other console is dead. look at the situation now 2 years later and the system closest to being dead is the ps3. fact is sony said they will rule when it comes out last i checked 3rd place dont rule sh!t

snaz273481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

hes not comparing the 360 to the ps2.. maybe you should reread his comment? the articale is saying the 1 year lead doesnt matter, so hes taking it a step further and saying well if the lead doesnt matter the ps2 is winning with 120 consoles sold... you see? and to be honest with the exclusive games sony has released already im more than confident that they will bring out a boatload more AAA games, even if they are all not AAA a very high percentage will be, and infact go even better than the ones we have now. but look its each to there own but imo the ps3 just kicks ass in all departments.

edit: halo3 im sorry but conspiracy theories? who was that even aimed at? ive read this thread again and i still cant see why you said that lol... there is no conspiracy, but read the comments ive made, pretty clear i thought.
edit again: oh ok now i get ya, i thought the infamous score was fair to be honest, but then ive only played the demo.

Halo3 MLG Pro3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Oh brother. Here we go with the conspiracy theories. The whole world is biased against Sony blah blah blah. :/

BTW, Halo Wars got a 6 from the "small fanboy" site that you claim. Dude time to grow up.

snaz273481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

ps3 had nothing untill mgs4? what you on about? uncharted, resistance fom, motorstorm to name a few, to say it came out with a limp d!ck is just silly, what amazing games did the 360 launch with? and yeah 360 had a great first year and sold more than any other console that year... why? there was no other console that year (ok ps2 but you know what i mean) now im not saying the 360 is utter garbage well ok hardware reliability wise it is, but in general its just not as good and can do fewer things than the ps3, im sorry but it just can! no matter which way you wanna spin it.
edit: i must say this little thread here has been the best convo and or discussion i have had reagarding the 2 consoles, its mainly been good friendly and polite so congrats everyone, shouldnt this be the way all the time? i mean were all gamers and we all want whats best yeah? 7th.... i hope they come up trumps for you, and you get the games you require, well not long anyway people woooohooooooo lol

7thNightvolley3481d ago

hope MS announces some gd games that are NEW IP this E3, i dont want multiplats i dont want exclusive downloads ... naaaa i wnat new ip coz i am tired of playign gears2 its a nice game but the bugginess now gets to me and i can only play annex for so much. i am not gonna make much of a fuss bcoz o have a ps3 and i am getting all the exclusive on that but being that 360 is where i game the most since most of my friends are on there i need MORE MORE GAMES.. coz its really dry and lacking right now so E3 better give me gd results, well if not ... the black box will be getting alot of play time this year from me and the white one can take the back seat.

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Cyrax_873481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

you seriously gotta love this site... >_>

edit: @ above. Halo Wars is a decent game but it isn't AAA man. Plus have you seen the infamous reviews on meta? Plenty of no name sites throwing 7s around get put up straight away but perfect scores from credible sites like X-Play aren't up at all.

Kushan3481d ago

Yeah and it's pretty bad no matter if the news is pro-sony or pro-microsoft. Certain people spend all their time disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing instead of agreeing with the ones that make sense.

In fact, I'd even go so far as to say that if you made a genuinely level-headed post and get lots of disagrees, be glad you've got some idiot fanboy's back up, because chances are it just means you're right and they can't take it.

Halo3 MLG Pro3481d ago

Same can be said about Halo Wars. That game got crappy scores from no name sites. Gamer's Temple gave it a 54? Who are they? While the known sites mostly gave it at least an 8 and my favorite magazine in Game Informer gave it a 9.

I don't know what your definition of AAA title is but to me Halo Wars is a AAA title because I'm loving every minute of it. Mutliplayer deathmatches are a blast.

Cyrax_873481d ago

..fair enough. Come to think of it, I don't even know what my definition of AAA is, haha. For me personally, probably an average score of 85% and up I'd say. Apparently 90% and up is AAA but I think Uncharted, L4D, Valkyria Chronicles, PGR3 ect are all AAA.

@ air1. Why the hell do you think the PS3 had no games untill MGS4? It's funny how often Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Motorstorm, Resistance and Heavenly Sword are overlooked...

Halo3 MLG Pro3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

People put to much attention to reviews and averages on here. I personally like only Game Informer since their are ratings are usually spot on and they seem to just love games. But cmon man, everybody has their own preference. I hate country music and if they had me review the best country song ever, I would give it a 1 out 10.

QuantumWake3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Seriously, why do people assume that when a game gets 80-89 on rankings it's considered a flop? Halo Wars was an excellent game and I plan on getting inFamous tomorrow. What ever happened to, experiencing the game and enjoying it instead of basing the game on reviews?

Anyways..... MS is doing really good with its XBL service and its content, but MS needs to come back to its "Appealing hardcore gamers state". I hope MS announces some BIG exclusives at E3 and I also hope they have a good E3, same goes for Sony. :]

Persistantthug3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

I personally consider AAA QUALITY to be THE BEST OF THE BEST. And so there can be no mistake, AAA QUALITY should be 90+.....Not 88, or 89 or 89.99999.....90+. Like the Baseball Hall of fame SHOULD be....AAA shouldn't represent The Hall of GOOD.

And I challenge anyone who'd like to try, show me any game with a 90+ score on Metacritic that doesn't deserve it.

By the way, I'm a PS3 only owner, and I'm sorry to say, as much as I was hoping, I don't think inFAMOUS meets the requirement of AAA quality. Good game, deserving of an 85-89, but not quite a 90.

At any rate for PS3 for 2009: STREET FIGHTER 4, KILLZONE 2, MLB THE SHOW.


Are any of those games not deserving of a 90?

Edit in...btw...In my opinion...GAME INFORMER is a terrible example of a good review source. They game ASSASSINS CREED, a gave so REPETITIVE and MISSION-LESS, a 95. They must have only played the demo or a just a few hours because any reputable "in the know" critic should have reviewed that game with no higher than an 80 or so. I don't even blame EGM for grading the game in the 50's...although they probably took the low score a little too far lol....but their point was well received.

JD_Shadow3481d ago

Do you, you know, play any OTHER games BESIDES Halo Wars...hell, do you TALK about any other game?

Traveler3481d ago


That was an idiotic comment. Nearly 30 reviewer sources gave Assassin's Creed a 90 or above. I happen to agree with those reviewers, not the reviewers who scored it lower. Assassin's Creed is still one of defining gaming experiences I have had this generation and one of a handful of games I go back to just for fun.

I'm sorry you thought it was boring, but please don't pretend that you speak for everybody. I suspect you just don't get what a game like Assassin's Creed is about.

Oh, and I find that Game Informer is a very reliable source for game reviews. At least for my tastes, they generally seem to be on the page as I am.

Persistantthug3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Assassin's Creed had great potential. It had the stealth thing goin on, roller coaster drop-feeling dives, beautiful graphics, a somewhat interesting story, and even had actual history sprinkled in backing it up.

I had lots of fun for a few hours messing with guards, doing the stealth thing, and climbing buildings pretending I was Spider Man or something. But as any reviewer would know, those are mere DISTRACTIONS, albeit, fun distractions, but distractions nonetheless. Eventually you NEED to get to the missions and that's where Assassin's Creed failed HARD and miserably. The reason I was so let down was because of how hard a game like this was to literally had some awesome moments, but the missions/campaign was done as if the UBISOFT DEVS decided it was time to go on vacation early while putting in pretty much the same mission over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, get the point. That was the crappiest excuse for missions that I've seen yet for this generation.

Since you and Game Informer seem to agree to like such a game...well....looks like a match made in heaven, I guess.
Good luck with that.

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