Sony Prepares An Army of Playstation Evangelists

Brian Crecente writes -

Earlier this year Sony began quietly readying an army of evangelists to take to the front lines of the escalating console wars.

The Experience Playstation Now program had a "beta test" of sorts earlier this month, with Sony employees well-versed in the ins and outs of the Playstation Portable and Playstation 3 setting up temporary shop in a select number of Best Buys across the country.

The idea for the program is fairly simple: Get the Playstation 3, the Playstation Portable, into peoples' hands, explain all of the things they can do, and people will buy them.

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Snake Raiser3482d ago

It sounds like a pretty decent plan to me. They should be trying to do this kind of stuff at wal mart or some place too.

SRU96003482d ago

Sony already has an army of Playstation evangelists, and their headquarters is called "". lol

Sarcasm3482d ago

"Sony already has an army of Playstation evangelists, and their headquarters is called "". lol "

lol that's actually pretty funny.

ShinMaster3482d ago

...An N4G/PS3-fan joke.
Yes, that's new -_-

7thNightvolley3482d ago

going into direct marketing, well its a a gd way to push the brand in the states hope it works .. but i am sure it would yield some results.

menoyou3482d ago

a good idea, the ps3 and psp have a lot to offer and im sure if people were informed of what they can do the sales would be at least a little bit higher

rockleex3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

There's NO WAY Sony can explain all the features of the PS3 in a 15-30 second commercial and let the audience know how important those features are.

From personal experience, I've had multiple friends come ask me whether to buy a 360 or PS3. But I don't tell them which one to buy, I just tell them the features of each console and let them choose.

When I'm done, they always choose the PS3!

It just has a huge effect on people when they actually know what they are in for when they buy a PS3! ^_^

Of course there will also be people who simply can't afford it, simply don't want one, or simply don't need all those features.

But it REALLY helps for those on the fence. And there's a LOT of people on the fence because they simply don't know the features of both consoles!

This could really change things up! O_O

Bnet3433482d ago

Sony should come to N4G. This is PS3 headquarters. A lot of people would Ben Dover.

rockleex3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

That comment is really uncalled for.

A lot of people on N4G would also Ben Dover for Microsoft.

So I don't see your point.

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Forrest Gump3482d ago

A fantastic decision imo.

siliticx3482d ago

Experience Playstation Now ? EPN ? Sounds an awful lot like e-peen. Excellent Idea btw.

Dead_Cell3482d ago

Setting up shop in places where consoles and software will be brought and explaining to the customer why they should buy it face to face.
That's the best kind of advertising.

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