Team Fortress 2 Patch returns Milestone Achievements

Valve has released an update for their FPS Team Fortress 2, now available on Steam.

The patch adds Sniper and Spy milestone achievements as a way for players to get the new unlockables; along with other fixes, tweaks and improvements to different facets of the game.

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caladbolg7773481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

About friggin' time. The TF2 community spent less than a week without these milestones and complete blew up. This update was severely needed, if anything to shut everyone the hell up.

NRG3481d ago

I didn't mind the new system, but that definitely puts me in a minority. Props to Valve for listening like always.

At least now I don't have to hear a rant for every person that just had the new system explained to them. The whining simply wouldn't stop.

evrfighter3480d ago

and me and my friends unlocked everything in about 30 minutes

stpiio3481d ago

I've been playing for days and I only got the cloak and dagger, I've only got 5 Natashas and 6 bonks another 3 more bonks and i can make my own bonk! granade XD

-MD-3480d ago

You got disagrees from angry Sony fanboys pissed off at Valve for shunning their version.

narked3481d ago

about time :D maybe they listened to my post earlier this week. finally the game is great again :)

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