Why Announcing Final Fantasy XIII For The Xbox 360 Is Only The Beginning (The Complete Version)

Master Samo writes: "If you pay close attention to the Square-Microsoft relationship and its progression, you would begin to notice a pattern materializing before your very eyes. The pattern is more like water testing. Let me explain,...."

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qface643490d ago

i was gonna read it but as soon as i saw the link to hip hop gamer i just said meh no thanks


You didn't miss much.

He's just guessing as usual...

Master Samo3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

@ qface64

This article covers a topic that I think you would find very interesting. The argument presented is backed up with some good points. I doubt you would be disappointed. Lastly, your feedback is very important to us to help improve the quality of our articles.

God Bless You

Master Samo


No, the article is terrible.

heroicjanitor3489d ago

I was. Here it is in a nutshell:
"Microsoft is doing better in Japan now thanks to all of Square Enix's help. They will not need the ps3 anymore!!! Give us MOAR ps3 games, we WANT THEM!!! XBOX360 FTW!!!!"

That is all that the article contains.

Nike3488d ago


This article centered around the same idea was N4Ged before. The new one is the exact same thing but elaborated upon more. Doesn't that make this a duplicate? Why make a completely when you could just go back and add updates to the old one?

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GiantEnemyCrab3489d ago

Okay so let me get this straight.

This article is bad because it's fishing for hits.

But "Uncharted 2 Multiplayer better than Gears of War 3"

Is alright because well..

The only difference I see is one paints an MS title in a negative light and this article paints the 360 in a positive light.

Am I wrong here? Please I am just trying to understand what makes this garbage and this article not.

or how about this one:

"3 Good Reasons why Gay Tony will Flop"

^^ This is a game that basically has little to no info beyond a title and rough outline of what the story might involve.

Please someone explain to me what makes these newsworthy and this one not?

Master Samo3489d ago

@ GiantEnemyCrab

I thank you for your comment and I would like to state that you just brought up a very intersting point that I would love to see answered with some logic if that was actually possible.

God Bless You

Master Samo

Sonics0203489d ago

No you are right its all crap, however there are more Sony fans than Microsoft fans. Promoting more crap won't make it better. I do agree with you though if we are going to stop these articles designed to get hits and start flame wars we also have to attack it when it favors Sony.

Now onto the article

I do not really understand where this article is going. We all know Square has taken a new found interest in Microsoft. We know the possibility of FF13 going multi platform in Japan and Versus13 going multi platform everywhere. Saying you think it is going to happen doesnt warrant an article especially when we know the explanation already.
KH3 going 360 exclusive is just a random guess meant to get hits , I think most of us understand its possible but doubt Square would alienate a good portion of its fans especially on such a big game.

Godmars2903489d ago

No, its as stupid as.

Actually, coming from a Sony rep, the Uncharted 2 vs Gears 3 is even more stupid.

Not that such excuses this article.

heroicjanitor3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

But they always seem to be the biggest "news" stories with hundreds of comments... It should be obvious to anyone when it is flamebait, but seeing something good for their system and bad for the other makes them feel like they are winning.

Anyway this will get approved because they have enough accounts at hiphopgamershow to get it approved. And also because you approved it... Hypocritical much?

Godmars2903489d ago

One comes from someone in the industry, so no matter how stupid it is, is news to some degree.

The other, this article, is baseless speculation gleamed from any number of other sources from some who's hardly one step above most of us because he has a website. Qualifies as news only on his website.

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lonz3583489d ago

this site is full of hate, its 09 people cut it out

keysy4203489d ago

this really is twisted because sony profits when square profits that means the money they earn go into sony pocket even if the gtame is on 360. i'm glad none of those games were on ps3 they are all crap titles. it would damage the ps3 rep putting prg's of that caliber on the system. think those would have been the lowest ranked exclusives if they were on the the ps3 think about that

MattG3489d ago

Why do people continue to assume that just because it's HHG means it's automatically bad. I mean look at the top 3 articles on N4G right now, they are opinion pieces but people give them the time of day. When they see the HHG name they assume it's bad.

Attack the article but not the site, and give it the time of day

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