Mass Effect 2 Release Brought Forward to 2009

GOONL!NE: According to a brand new listing, from the most unlikely of places, Mass Effect 2 will now be releasing in late 2009.

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GiantEnemyCrab4401d ago

This Facebook was started by Bioware so I'm going to approve.

And oh please let this be true!! GOTY 09 if it does happen and it moves to my #1 most anticipated game of this year.

Just as long as they didn't rush it to get it out at this holiday.

u got owned4401d ago

This will be my GOTY 2009, please let this be true. ME2 = greatness.

4401d ago
StephanieBBB4401d ago

But my GOTY is Mafia II.

Have you guys seen the latest trailer? That game is top notch.

lociefer4401d ago

im a ps3 fan but this game is srsly fckin aweosome, its really worth chkin out , dont let ur fanboyisim stop u from playin it , im just gonna say this, story-wise its deep and i really wasnt expecting that, think metal gear but in space, so plz if u dont have a good pc get a 360 for it, its THAT good

-MD-4401d ago

It really was an amazing game I confined myself to a 5 day rental but I won't make that mistake with this one.

Marojado4401d ago

Mafia II has been delayed to 2010 i think.

cant wait for ME2, which routes did everyone go on the first with characters?

green4401d ago (Edited 4401d ago )

I hope this is true because Mass Effect 2 is easily, by a country mile my most anticipated game.

[email protected] Below

- Saved Wrex
- Saved the council
- Saved Ashley (we are an item lol)
- Played as Paragon

XxPh1l5t3RxX4401d ago (Edited 4401d ago )


-Killed the council
-Saved Wrex
-Let Ashley die
-Played as paragon character

Edit @ above: fairly similar, I killed the council to allow captain Anderson to get the position he deserved, plus the council really pissed me off throughout the game with their "ignore everthing your saying" kind of attitude

Marojado4401d ago

@ XxPh1l5t3RxX


I was the same, except i saved Ashley because her and Wrex were my main powerhouse team. Never used Kaidan really. Was glad i put my paragon skill up so i could talk Wrex down though, my mate had to kill him. Is it bad that i didn't even batter an eyelid at the end when i killed the council? They just annoyed me all the way through so it was like "dont care..."

Tony P4401d ago

Best news I've heard all year. This seriously has me pumped and I hope it's true. One of the very few games I'm looking forward to so an early release would be a godsend.

gaffyh4401d ago

OMG this is awesome news, I just hope the quality of the game doesn't suffer.

Yipee Bog4401d ago

cannot wait to play the next. coming out sooner too is amazing, i wonder what Bioware will do with the Mass Effect 2

n to the b4401d ago (Edited 4401d ago )


the Council annoyed me after a while but I spared them for the sake of being a squeaky-clean good guy. plus I thought humanity would lose some credibility with the other races if I just casually sacrificed the Council.

@Yipee: lol nice avatar

pain777pas4401d ago

That is too soon for me. I don't have a good feeling about this. Please don't rush this game.

Megatron084401d ago

I'd perfer if they took a few extra months (if needed) to work on the game instead of rushing it out. If its really done and ready to ship in 09 that be great.

oh and I saved everyone my 1st play throught then killed them my 2nd play through lol.

DevastationEve4401d ago (Edited 4401d ago )


everything really came together nicely with the first mass effect.

*saved the rachni (most dramatic part of the game imho, just awesome)
*saved the colony
*saved wrex (he'd be pretty pissed if i didn't try, lol)
*saved the council
*saved ashley (but it's liara who i end up with)

ilos was my favorite part of the game, it was just so different from the rest of the game's levels. and the outside battle before saren was pretty awesome (climbing down the side of the

Raf1k14401d ago

I agree with Megatron.

I hope this isn't MS putting pressure onto the devs to get it done this year. I want a proper polished game. I'm hoping it will be done properly before its released since I loved the first game.

KaBaW4401d ago

I'm sure the game will be ready by the end of the year.
It was originally announced for January wasn't it?
If it comes out in December, that's not too bad..

But, haven't you guys seen the trailers? They look really good.
And, there is still about seven(7) months before the Holidays..

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Green Lantern24401d ago

GOTY hell yeah Mass effect is going to fvcking epic.

aldesko4401d ago

Oh hell yes.. can't wait for this bad boy. I was hoping it came out early next year since this year will be packed, but I can make room.

"New to ME? Don’t worry, we’ll give you a new character in Mass Effect 2 and bring you up to speed on the story."

PS3 release confirmed (kidding =P)

KaBaW4401d ago

Even if it "bring you up to speed" why would you wanna do it that way?
There is still a lot that you would be missing out on..
It wouldn't be worth it, in my opinion..

Omega44401d ago

Woah now THAT was unexpected, and to think E3 hasnt even started yet

Seems like GOTY 2010 just got moved to 2009

shazui1234401d ago

No just no. Youre just being silly. This game looks good yes but nowhere near at all as good as GT5 or GOW3 im sorry but thats stupid to say

Omega44401d ago

Your right it looks far superior to them. As good as those games will be i dont know the last time a racer has got GOTY as for GOW3 it doesnt look like its doing anything new enough to warrant GOTY.

Whatever year ME2 releases it will be nominated and win GOTY awards you just got to accept that and move on

shazui1234401d ago

youre extremely deluded, what you have to accept is that GT5 and GOW3 look better than ME2 by far. As for innovation with GOW3 thats funny to say because ME2 doesnt innovate at all. SP only but a high quality rpg and yes it may win a few goty awards, but not overall. Thats silly to compare GT5 GOW3 and ME2. Yes its been a while since a racer won goty but its also been a while since the best racer series, gran turismo, released a game. Accept the truth

Tony P4401d ago

GT5 could be a strong contender. Not only graphically, but from what I've heard it sounds to be one of the deepest entries into the franchise yet. I'm not a GoW fan so I'd have to take a wait and see on that.

Now shazui...your definition of 'innovative' is adding multiplayer? Please. Stop.

Most RPGs that aren't MMOs don't do that. Fallout 3, Oblivion, Valkyria Chronicles...these RPGs must all suck because of no multi. None of them deserve the heaps of praise because you can't nutshot your friends. Feel free to skip them and save us your ignorant complaints.

Seriously, abandon RPGs. All you talk about are graphics and multi and think that makes goty.

silvacrest4401d ago

no one here noes enough about any of the so called "GOTY" contenders to declare them the winner yet

@omega, what exactly is ME 2 doing thats so new exactly? and do you really no enough about GOW 3 to say its not doing anything new? i love mass effect but baseless accusations have to be called out

Greysturm4401d ago (Edited 4401d ago )

It has to go against the title that achieved goty against the original which seems to have grown substancially as well bioshock 2.

I used the same argument last year in Bethesda (fallout 3) vs Epic (gears 2) and fallout got about as many game of the year awards as the overall game of the year mgs4 with gears pretty much not getting one. So this year i expect a similar outcome with bioshock 2 contending with another title (not mass effect) for the prizes, if it emulates 2007 its probably gonna be modern warfare 2. Although i expect it to be pretty much rpg of the year since jrpg dont get much love at goty nominations lately.

Albeit interesting the main problem with mass effect universe in the original is that it was heavily influenced by the companies previous work on Kotor which gave it a slight star wars clone feel. Looking at the information available they seem to want to break comparisons by making it darker and grittier but unless they do something drastic it seems to emulate the feel timeline. With mass effect 1 being episode 1 and/or 2 and this one being episode 3/4.

Anyway i expect it to be a great game but the use of unreal engine will take away the graphics factor, the use of bioware trademarked conversation system will score it less for innovation. However it will be redeemed by its revamped combat engine and great storyline so i expect AAA but no Goty)

n to the b4401d ago

ok I'm being a bit of a broken record here, but it really REALLY takes me out of a game sometimes when I get to some corny dialogue. which almost ALL games have in spades - except Mass Effect. 1st true console game for us 'grown-ups' with a brain IMO.

however, innovation seems to score lots of points with the GOTY judges. since ME2 will prob be more of the same as far as actual game mechanics, I think you're right that GOTY is not a sure thing.

Arnon4401d ago

Gran Turismo 5 and God of War 3 are not even confirmed for 2009. Just the fiscal year.

KaBaW4401d ago

You're comparing GT5 to Mass Effect? o.O
You're silly..

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