Peeling back another layer of detail on Microsoft's secret gesture-control system for games

Venturebeat: We reported recently that Microsoft was preparing to announce a gesture-control system for the Xbox 360 at the E3 show in Los Angeles starting Monday. Now we've peeled back another layer of the secret.

The motion-sensing control system that Microsoft is working on is key to its attempt to win back market share from Nintendo. We've heard that Microsoft is not only working with 3DV Systems on this but also one of 3DV's competitors, Prime Sense.

Sony has its own effort in the works as well because everyone knows that gesture-control, or using your whole body to make things happen in a game, is important to making games more appealing to broader audiences. Controllers with lots of buttons and joysticks are passe.

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Green Lantern24405d ago

Go MS make sure this tech stay 360 only.

davidadrake4404d ago

Technology that benefits everyone is better. I have a 360 and not a PS3, but if this is across multiple platforms, more developers will choose to use it. The end result is a better experience for everyone.