IGN: Pre-E3 2009: DJ Hero Impressions

To the layman, exactly what a DJ does is a bit of a mystery. You know they mix songs together and scratch records back and forth, but just what goes on up in that DJ booth? Activision's DJ Hero is coming to enlighten the masses, giving them the power to mix, cut, and scratch along with some of the hottest mash-ups this side of a Too Many DJs release.

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Myst4407d ago (Edited 4407d ago )

DJs not only mix and scratch, but they also do remixes, but like Beatmania I feel it may have scratching where it shouldn't be. Of course I'm not expert on DJing, but I've tried it twice and did at least one or two remixes before with a friend.

To truly have a game that encompasses what a DJ does is in itself a slightly difficult process to take. Some DJs simply have to mess with the mixers here and their as well as the grain for the sounds. Not to mention fading, so overall the game play would be switching from one song to the next while messing with distortion and all of that other stuff. Yet seems we are getting one in which the song will play based on the notes hit and scratches performed. Overall it's not a bad game, but it won't feel like being a DJ like Guitar Hero doesn't give you the ultimate feel of playing a guitar.