Killzone Liberation Patch- Good and not so good news

First the bad news depending on your perspective of things. According to Seb "motherH" Downie of Guerilla Games, the release of the online patch for Killzone Liberation on the PSP has been pushed back a couple of weeks.

The good news is that the additional download content, Chapter 5 of the campaign is now 100% confirmed to be free.

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Armyless4313d ago

Additional gameplay?

I might have to buy this one.

marcindpol4313d ago

lool who is playing psp if you have PS3?!!!
not me i sold my psp and i am happy with that:)

Armyless4313d ago

The PS3 isn't portable? So maybe that's why?

cuco334313d ago

I tried this game out and im glad it was borrowed and i didnt buy it.
I played about almost through 1 level, took it out, gave it back and said 'man i see why this game sucks'

Longhornbevo4313d ago

This is probably my favorite game on my PSP. I love the gameplay and it looks very good. Anyway, I cannot wait for the next chapter and online components!