Gamers Unite!

IGN reports today that Gottaplay Interactive, Inc. announced the relaunch of its highly anticipated revolutionary website ( When members visit, they will be able to rent, buy, and trade videogames at one online destination. In launching the new site, Gottaplay's mantra is "Gamers Unite!", because the site also serves as a community driven network that allows its users to communicate, share and generate videogame oriented content.

"Our goal with the new Gottaplay site is to offer unprecedented opportunities for video gamers," said John P. Gorst, the CEO of Gottaplay. "We bring three key features together: We are a premier shopping and rental site for video games. We are the only targeted trading site for videogames. And, we provide a social/information network for video gamers. We expanded our services to be the one-stop site on the web for all gamers' needs."

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BIadestarX4278d ago

It must be 8 years since the last time I rented a game. This seems like another options for those that like to do that. I like collecting the games I want.

SteamPunk4277d ago

Diselage says you can trade games there - I haven't checked it out yet, but that seems like it'd be prety cool for tracking down any old games you want for your collection.

MySwordIsHeavenly4278d ago

I agree with the title though...

Gamers should unite. Well, REAL gamers...not the ones that play Halo because they're unaware of better shooters...oh snaps cuzzz...


RJ20004278d ago

I'll sick with my gamefly for the extra dollar a month.

Shaka2K64277d ago

Bad idead, this is for poor people like xbox fans and nintendo fans who cant afford any better.

Black Republican4277d ago

I'm an XBOX owner and a nintendo owner

I cannot afford any better, but I was still able to afford you mom last night.

004277d ago

must have cost A penny, but anyway I will stick to going to the video store.