Girl Gamer Response to Joey Davidson's "The Role of Female Characters in VG"

Keri Honea @ Kombo: "I've read/edited the above referenced piece and listened to both Kombo Breaker podcasts on the subject, so I think I'm prepared to make my female response.

But let me first get a few credentialing matters out of the way. I'm neither a heavy feminist nor a submissive 1950s housewife. I also don't play first-person shooters nonstop (or at all) like the potential female gamer the Kombo Breaker staff mentioned they would prefer to talk to, but I still consider myself a hardcore gamer since I do play role-playing, adventure, action, and fighting games on a very regular basis. I don't play the shooters because 1) I suck at them and 2) they make me incredibly tense. But I do enjoy watching my husband play them.

This may make me not the best woman gamer to respond, but meh, I'm responding anyway."

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