PSU Review: Motorstorm (online)

Online has become standard these days, and with standards come expectations. When MotorStorm was lacking an online mode upon its Japanese release, it was touted as an incomplete game. Now that the game has been released in the North American and European territories with an online mode, MotorStorm becomes a buy instead of a rent.

Overall: 85/100

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TheXgamerLive4274d ago

Lacking a little in many area's yet it's still fun to play, and isn't that what games are about so I'm sure sony fans are pleased.

Now when "DIRT" comes out we'll all have a full and rewarding DIRTY experience.

harpua4274d ago

yeah, it could of had more features but the game is fun as hell with awesome graphics and physics. maybe some updates in the future will expand some things.

n4g sucks4274d ago

I wasnt sure about this game until i purchased it for my self and have been pleased. the No customization and the small amount of tracks could have been addressed but besides that the game is tons of fun. the choice to use the tilt control made getting first feel so rewarding. being able to look around and zoom in and out during a pause was also a pleasant suprise. im looking forward to updates and a possible sequel..

specialguest4274d ago

First of all, I own the actual game and have been playing it for a quite a while now and I love it. BUT, the online mode is definately lacking some standard features. Fortunately, the actual gameplay and balance of the game makes up for what is lacking.

I looking forward to the full updates.

Robotz Rule4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

I own Motorstorm and I think it's a great game that's lacking in many areas like online multiplayer and splitscreen,I also wish there were more tracks to race on and more cars to choose from,good thing a great update is coming to the PSN,which includes more tracks and cars,now they only need to fix the online a little bit and add a split screen,online isn't always fun.

highps34274d ago

This game is pretty fun... Colin, tough call, its a WAY different game. I imagine Motorstorm will be more fun due to Colin games being incredibly hard.

Motorstorm online is great! Nothing like bashing into people and exploding. Lobby system could have been better. But the game sure doesnt lag what so ever so i dont mind it!

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