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TIME and again lazy designers churn out boring beat em ups, pegged loosely around epic stories born on the pages of Marvel or DC comics.
We saw it recently with the lacklustre X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Frankly, it's a slap in the face to the gifted imaginations which cook up these characters. But thanks to inFamous, those days are done.

The PS3 exclusive could mark the dawning of a new age of comic book gaming, with a unique story and a complex character struggling to come to terms with his freak-show life.

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Why o why4406d ago

but it seems they have a good games reviewer. The guy sounds like he's actually played the game unlike some

Socomer 19794406d ago

see to a casual gamer, infamous should be a dream come true and to us hardcore gamers its well worth the price of admission. its really a great game & i had my doubts too.

Socomer 19794406d ago

I really still cant stop thinking about it.
I live in new york and im looking at the building like: yeah, cole would totally climb that in 5 seconds and glide off like a demon into the night and thunder drop some mugger.

I wish i had electricity powers... now im sad. dam, why am i a normal but beautiful man?

Xof4406d ago

So this one game will prevent all future developers from being lazy as hell?