GTA competitor to be unveiled in the near future

Watch out, Grand Theft Auto. A new game will be unveiled in the near future and IGN says the title is a "GTA competitor" for the DS.

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SpoonyRedMage4407d ago

Hmm, at first I thought it was that Car Jack Street that's on the ipod touch for the DSiware but after reading the comment about the technology I'm unsure of what it is.

qface644407d ago

im calling it
they are gonna make a saints row for the ds
its the only thing that comes to mind

knox4407d ago

it'll be hard to top chinatown wars.

kb8mvp814406d ago

if it ain't GTA on the DS, it is not going to sell, seeing as how GTA is a well known name and it still didnt sell very well on DS.

Seferoth754406d ago

hit 500k faster than one of the PSP versions did... Oh wait didnt mean to bring facts into your trolling.... Carry on then.. I mean Rockstar is happy with the sales of GTA but that really means nothing because some random troll who doesnt even know what the sales are thinks they are too low....

Anon19744406d ago (Edited 4406d ago )

GTA: Liberty City stories did 1/2 million in it's first week. Vice City Stories almost doubled what GTA: Chinatown wars did in 10 weeks.

And again, Nintendo has double the fan base of the PSP. Face it. Mature games don't sell as well on the DS as they do the PSP. That's just the facts. At the end of the day, it really doesn't matter, though. The DS makes tonnes of money, it's Nintendo's workhorse. DS revenue dwarfs what comes in from the Wii. No one is saying there's anything wrong with the DS - there certainly isn't, it's just geared towards a different demographic.

MakoXL4406d ago

competitor? didn't chinatown wars only sell like 100,000 copies?

Seferoth754406d ago

More like just hit 500k.... Why even comment when you are so uninformed?

ChrisGTR14406d ago

saints row portable? they already have cellphone versions..

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