The Matrix Online Jacks out

As you have recently read in Dan "Walrus" Myers producer letter All Good Things Must End, The Matrix Online service will be discontinued and the servers will go dark on July 31st. After 4 memorable years of sharing amazing stories and epic adventures with a wonderful and dedicated community, we saw how deep the rabbit hole went and it was time to write the final chapter of the story. We understand that there are many questions and will do our best to answer them here.


That is the right link sorry dont know why i got that link in there.

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Christopher4401d ago

But, they had to do that in order to get the DC Online rights from Warner Bros.

Theoneneo814401d ago

actaully SOE had the Rights already when SOE got this game that was part of the deal is they would have the rights to publish DC but its sad really cause this game had such potential to be a top mmo if it was handeld rightly.