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Davis Daily 5/28/09: Things Sony should cut from the PS3

* More MGS5 rumors and speculation
* DLB donations
* Companies using the recession as an excuse to fire people
* Things Sony should cut from the PS3
* Unsung Heroes - Battlestations Midway

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Someones Personal Blog is NOT a News article.
NotSoSilentBob4439d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
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ifhd4440d ago

if he can find them
/ sorry Tor
my bad

Daoshai4440d ago

The spelling of todays youth; thank you text messaging.

Pennywise4440d ago

This has nothing to do with text messaging. I think it boils down to no child left behind.

kapedkrusader4440d ago

...This is the second time I've seen your video blog. First one I really enjoyed, this one really turned me off. Why? Cause you didn't know what the hell you were talking about. First by suggesting that if Sony wanted to save money they could get rid of the memory card slots. That happened over 6 months ago. how could you not know this? Secondly, who needs Wi-fi and why would i want to game in Wi-fi speeds? I need Wi-fi!! My bedroom has no internet port, so I game and download movies and stream hulu with my Wi-fi at the same speed as it did with a wire connection. Lastly, you ramble toooo much. For pete's sake, get to the point.

tordavis4440d ago

@1.5 What do you think is cheaper to produce? HDMI cables or Wifi adapters? That was my point.

I was aware that they removed the slots out of the 20gb PS3's but they are no longer in production. I have an original 80gb system and I wasn't aware that they took the slots out of the new 80gb systems. Duly noted.

I think Wifi for the PS3 should be optional. They could lower the price more by making it optional. I still don't think there are that many people that game over wifi but I was looking for methods to lower the price and give them an excuse to include some type of hidef cable.

I ramble a lot on my shows. That's why people like them.

Thanks for your comments KapedKrusader.



Oh and DW4, don't mind these armchair journalists. Let them keep posting, it raises the degree level. ;)

sack_boi4439d ago

Torrence you fail, just like your recent podcasts and shows.

Pandemic4439d ago

Oh Noes.. Another replica of the Hip Hop Gamer Show....

Lifendz4439d ago

Anyway, I fully believe Sony is having a throughouh discussion as to what they can cut from the PS3 to make it more cost friendly. WiFi, extra memory slots, excess USB slots, etc can all be cut to introduce a 299.99 sku. Heck, bring back the 20gb hdd imo. When's the last time we saw a 5 gb install? Even KZ2 doesn't require an install.

What I didn't get was the whole red neck accent bit about "ma and pa kettle" buying PS3s and not knowing what they need for it. Maybe I'm in the wrong here, but anyone that plunks down almost half a G on a game console and doesn't do research on it is probably planning on using it for a blu-ray player. In January of 2007, when I had 700 bucks to go toward my next-gen console, I could've told you every tidbit about the 360 and the PS3. I can't imagine plunking down that much money and not having done the requisite research. I had my HDMI cable before I had my PS3.

morganfell4439d ago

A vain is one of a series of vanities. Yes I made that up but bitbag has those too.

Cut Wifi? Do they want WiFi to be optional? Dumb. Tooling up for another model just leads to even more confusion and in fact the cost is higher to run production for dissimilar models. So in essence fleabag thinks Sony should commit to an act that will cost them more money. Smart.

Expy4439d ago

You mean today's? =P

DaTruth4439d ago (Edited 4439d ago )

I'm surprised you have any bubbles with that avatar! It makes all your comments seem offensive. But I guess working with HHG puts you on the defensive alot!

If they are putting Wifi in every model, they must have another reason, because not everybody needs wifi and unless it has some future purpose aside from PSP connectivity, it is a waste of money. Yes I use it, but just trying to make a point that if they were going to cut costs, this would be the ideal area and since they're not cutting it, it must have a future use.

spandexxking4439d ago

cutting wifi would effectivly save about 10 quid per unit (and thats at consumer price, probably much cheaper in the quantities sony get) so it wouldnt really matter if they included it or not because no ones worried about £10 when there spending 300.

DarkAzureIIIX4439d ago

A big WTF. HDMI cables or Wifi adapters thing Thank God they didn't because I would be screwed I don't need HDMI cables but I do need Wifi adapter because I have no wires that can reach my internet hub.

Please stop this cut feathers crap from the PS3. Because the last time some A-Hole came up with way to save PS3 one of them was to cut B/C. Their reason was this: Sale of the 80gb were poor vs. the 40gb was because no one care about the B/C and more space on the HDD was more important because the install of the games. So guess Mother [email protected]#$^%$ What Sony listened.

Also please remember NOT everyone uses the system the same way as you I remember some A-hole talking [email protected]# in the forms about how Sony rip him off. You see this A-hole bought the 40gb PS3 than jump on the internet bit#$ing about the lack of 4 usb ports and those little slots you're so ready to cut out.

So to make your rant in the video NULL I'm going to have to remind you that the 80gb MGS4 PS3 with B/C is still being made. I just saw a few sites with said model as brand new and the seller was the site it's self.

In the end I like the other show you did but not this one. I don't know WTF you were thinking. And by the way you and HHG need to stop with the up close pic of your self or *HHG* showing off the arms because most of your fan are dudes . . well that's more likely than not so you see my point.

GameGambits4439d ago

Looks like Shaq at the foul line...

PirateThom4439d ago

You know, the wireless card in the PS3 probably costs about $10.

They should definitely remove that and start charging vast amounts for an add-on.

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TOO PAWNED4440d ago

this just shows you what type of uneducated baboons (pretend) to be journalists..

Mr_Bun4440d ago

Was that an intentional racial slur?

TOO PAWNED4440d ago

Not really, that didn't even cross my mind. Are you racist? Since you are aware of that stuff? Don't give a crap about his racial background, "article" is ridiculous, it's beyond that. It's insult to industry.

Mr_Bun4440d ago

I don't think I'm racist, but I know how sensitive people can be.

Sheikh Yerbouti4438d ago (Edited 4438d ago )

a good reason not to insult someone...knowing how insensitive some are.

Your typical everyday racist is never going to admit to being racist, because people are that simple. This means you!!

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George Costanza4439d ago

This guy made HHG before he pulled a biggie and stabbed him in the back to do his own thing and stuff.

I respect The Bit Bag much more then I do HHGS.

DA_SHREDDER4440d ago

Its so funny that all of you people here are running your mouths about Torrence Davis yet your here on N4G while he's getting ready to go to E3. He's obviously somebody when he has special guest such as Aaron Greenburg and gets free games that he gives away to people to review. Oh and he works at Harvard. Who do you guys work for? Oh I forgot you guys are nobodies that live in your mom's basement still.

Mr_Bun4440d ago

My mom's basement is I can stay up as late as I want!

DA_SHREDDER4440d ago

LOL @ all the disagrees. Stop being so spiteful and jealous. You all should be glad that there are people out there doing stuff like this instead of nothing at all. I mean cmon, what would you be doing right now if there wasn't a davis daily? You would be doing nothing. Now hurry up, crawl back into that hole you came out of and drink the rest of the warm milk your mom made for you before it gets cold.

Skyyo4439d ago

Couldnt agree with you more.

Torrence has been solid with me and his view. I am a pro PS3 fan and he still has my vote as being worth my time.

pansenbaer4439d ago

Lol at 'special guest, Aaron Greenberg'...

GIJeff4439d ago

but id rather take advantage of the free day off work!

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