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rawrockkillz4057d ago

Heck ya! This game is gonna rock!

Product4057d ago

I'm feeling the dual wield. MotionPlus would add to more precise directional slashes. The first game was a little off sometimes with the direction of the slashes i did, much like Madworld.

Ellessdee4056d ago

pimp man threw his hoes at 'em! lmfao.

oh man, i really need to play the first one. i keep meaning too...

condorstrike4056d ago

Wow...I want now! looks way better than the first, less crap on-screen and more character details.
can't wait.

Green Lantern24056d ago

Damn this game look awesome lol i still can't believe their people out their who still believe wii have no hardcore games.

4056d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.