Six Old Video Game Genres that Deserve a Comeback

PS3 Informer writes:

"Sadly for gamers, the fall of the Berlin wall came just as arcade games were starting to get good. In 1989, there was no shortage of titles that let us go hog wild on waves of soviet Hind helicopters over Afghanistan, or obliterate ground-based villages in fictional "Jungle" stages.

Unfortunately for fans of military arcade shooters, the current geopolitical climate has shifted away from America trying to force-feed democracy to Communists from the barrel of an M16. Instead of building gigantic desert fortresses, America's current enemies tend to do a lot of hiding in caves and sending videotapes to CNN, not the most fertile ground on which to base a videogame."

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clinker4401d ago

They DEFINITELY need to bring back games like Contra, Ikari Warriors, Jackal, Commandos, etc.

I also kind of liked those old multiplayer tank mazes on the atari 2600.

BadKarmaSutra964401d ago

I still play NetHack on occasion. The difficulty and complexity of the game keep me coming back even after 20+ years!

swingingape4401d ago

I loved the Druaga series. They definitely don't make them like they used to.