EGM #100: A Trip Down Memory Lane

When EGM was shut down a few months ago, I (Brian of felt that a part of myself was lost. I (Brian of had been an avid reader of EGM since issue #109 with Tomb Raider 3 on the cover, so the magazine coming to an end after ten years of reading each issue cover-to-cover came as a big loss to me. Afterwards, I (Brian of considered buying up old issues of EGM on Ebay, but I (Brian of lacked the necessary funds, so I (Brian of decided to settle with one issue I'd always wanted. The issue on my mind was #100, which not only contained EGM's top 100 games list, but it also included a brief history of the magazine. Being a devoted EGM fan prompted me to score this fabled issue on Ebay. Fortunately, I (Brian of didn't have to pay an ungodly price, as would have happened if I (Brian of purchased one of the first few issues of EGM.

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