Microsoft Looking to Revolutionalize WHAT and HOW you play

Chris Leyton of Total Video Games Writes :

Following on from the news that Microsoft is seeking to bolster the Halo team in preparation for the next title, TVG also discovered significant positions for the establishment of a new internal studio.

The interesting point is contained in the following description, featured on the 20+ positions currently listed:

"We are building a NEW GAME STUDIO from the ground up that will revolutionize both WHAT you play and HOW you play."

Beyond the fact that it lists the project as "next-generation" and claims experience with Unreal or CryEngine as a plus, further details also allude to the type of game that could emerge:

"Candidates must have a proven track record in AAA game design. Must have a clear understanding and experience creating story, dialog, interface, character interaction, mission/environment design, look and feel, AI, combat, strategy, game-flow, and balance."

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Forrest Gump3490d ago

Revolutionize this revolutionize that,hows about they just put out quality game titles for their fans to enjoy?

All this experimentation leads me to believe they're moving deeper and deeper into Wii territory.

Daoshai3490d ago

There is no doubt that MS would love to cash in on the casual market.